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Ethan Lindenberger’s brother Isaac Reveals Ethan is Being used as a Pharma Pawn To Push Mandatory Vaccines

Activist Christy Fritz-Parker alerted us to this live interview of Isaac Lindenberger–the older brother of Ethan Lindenberger–“the teen who got vaccinated against his parents’ wishes.”  Isaac expressed outrage, on his and his mother’s behalf, that Ethan’s abuse by “the government” and “Big Pharma” to push mandatory vaccinations through the Senate, was especially egregious because it was based on a lie. Isaac and mother Jill Wheeler explained that Ethan Lindenberger was prudently protected from being further damaged from vaccines.  She had not “denied” him his right, and was being falsely accused by Ethan and the pro-vaccine media. Their lie omitted the fact that Mrs. Wheeler did vaccinate Ethan originally, and as a result, Ethan developed the adverse reaction of asthma. Vision impairment is also highly likely. Thereafter, for medical reasons, further vaccines were prudently avoided.

The interviewers, journalist and natural healer Laira De La Vega, and trained nurse and activist Yvette Bronx, agreed with Isaac throughout the lengthy enlightening discussion that we highly recommend to people of all ages. The recording, linked here, presents a refreshingly intelligent overview of the main issues impacting ‘vaccine hesitancy’ and the freedom to choose vaccines or not. This youthful, energized, and educational broadcast is archived on

The following links continue this series of six articles on ‘controlled opposition’ in the ‘vaccine debate.’ We will endeavor to keep this information up as long as possible in the increasingly restricted Brave New World in which we find ourselves, courtesy of the ‘thought control police.’

PART 2: The VAXXED v. UN-VAXXED controversy;

PART 3: Measles Virus Cancer Cure Fraud and Cover-up;

PART 4: Leaked Mail, Mercola Meltdown, and Fauci and Plotkin Perjury Evidence Vaccine Racket Unwinding

PART 5: Controlled Opposition Media Denying, Defaming, Persecuting and ‘Neutralizing’ Doctors Under The Spell of MKULTRA / COINTELPRO; and

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