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Energy Medicine: Dr. Horowitz Explains Spiritual Healing With 528Hz Frequency as the Remedy for the Sickening and Enslaving PharmaCULTure.


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ENERGY MEDICINE: Dr. Leonard Horowitz, et. al. Explain Spiritual Healing with 528 Frequency and Much More!


This hour “Source Naturals Nutritional Radio Show” begins by heralding the “Hemp Farming Act of 2018” as a historic boom to the hemp and natural healing industries. The hosts, Dr. Karen and Damien Paul raise the subject of Dr. Horowitz’s latest service to humanity—the 528 frequency resonating “CBD528” homeopathic used to relieve pain, fear, stress and distress. This is a terrific general cure for many diseases, because by helping to reduce stress and distress, it helps reduce acidification that underlies all chronic diseases.

Enter the “Zone of Bliss”–Divine Communion. Do this by enjoying the frequency energy of  528Hz/nm in CBD528. Understand that your heart naturally resonates in 528, like the rest of nature. CBD528 matches the 528 heart-felt loving intention to be in bliss.

CBD528 BANNER2This is “the opportunity in the stress and distress” that the drug cult misses. Disease is always accompanied by acidification, low oxygenation, and poor hydration. Each of these factors feature 528Hz frequency of Love. How important is this 528 Frequency for revolutionizing medicine, music, and relationships. MOST IMPORTANT! Heart felt loving intention in faithful prayer puts you into the zone of Divine Communion. That is the “clear channel broadcast” of 528Hz—the “Miracle” note of the original Solfeggio scale.

528 is the miracle frequency of the original musical scale. It resonates at the heart of the electromagnetic color spectrum. The heart of the universe resonates at 528Hz frequency vibration. This resonance is the essence of good hydration, oxygen and oxygenation for the “breath of life.”

Water carries this 528 miracle energy because it is designed with this “Miracle 6” sacred geometry; plus water holds memory because it is a liquid crystal super-conductor of electricity.

Media deceptions directed by Big Pharma suppresses society, poisons civilization, and

engineers a CULTure that is sick and tired. “Modern Medicine” demonizes whistleblowers and natural healers to sustain the genocide and healthcare ideological monopoly.

Consumer fraud, genocide, degeneration of society, and increasing crime rates, sickness and drug side effects are all signs and symptoms of this political dilemma and social dis-ease. Much of this can all be alleviated with common sense and natural products like hemp, CBD and 528Hz frequency knowledge and applications.

Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz go on to explain the little-known reason for pharmaceutical ads that warn you about the myriad deadly side effects of drugs. This is for Indoctrination, not prevention. The media and drug ads are engineering the PharmaCULTure that is overtaking traditional Judeo-Christian-Muslim and Asian spiritual monotheistic values, attitudes and human actions.  “Consumer programming” using deceptive drug ads and television shows generate “Evil Obedience.” We each become complicit by falling into Evil Obedience.

Step out of this widespread cross-cultural deception and “evil obedience” by listening to this recording.

Dr. Horowitz recommends diagnosing the psychosocial illness that is feeding mass murder and global genocide. We all aid-and-abet by willful blindness this genocide by remaining ignorant and complicit in the PharmaCULTure. This satanic CULT controlling medicine is demonic. “Drinking [sacred] blood,” “drinking semen,” infanticide for exploding commerce in organ harvesting, are all signs of evil.

What is so powerful about blood? It transmits the resonating 528 frequency. Chlorophyll and hemoglobin are structurally similar to carry youthful energy. The “contract law” in the Bible deals with this blood blessing, Dr. Horowitz explains. This is why blood bankers bank blood that is abused by these devil-doers.

Energy medicine is the alternative to this genocide. It is prescribed for spiritual people who recognize healing is a spiritual blessing and birthright. Love/528 energy is recommended for spiritual beings. DNA is an antenna to the Creator. Pain signaling is part of the immune system. It awakens cells to respond. This is a miraculous system for natural healing. So flip your attitude about diseases. The pains you feel are opportunities for natural healing. Attitude change is most sensible and recommended. Come out of the CULT OF MODERN MEDICINE that is based on lies. Come into the truth that shall set us free. Popping magic pills that are falsely prescribed to cure every ill is deadly and demonic. This is the CULT’s BIG LIE—that your bliss and salvation rests in a pill. Alternatively, the spiritual resonance of LOVE/528 frequency is the answer that is most reasonable, powerful, and readily available to uplift and heal society.

Discussion includes CBD and CBD528 that relieves suicidal thoughts and feelings energetically. Your blood chemistry changes fundamentally from this 528 frequency energy foundational to the sacred geometry of organic chemistry and electro-resonance therein. Electro-genetics celebrates this fundamental reality that administers natural healing and immune system boosting.

Dr. Paul asks Dr. Horowitz about AIDS and its origin. He deliver the truth about AIDS sourcing from the hepatitis B vaccines and the New York City blood bankers. He explains the laboratory, vaccine industry, blood banking, creation of HIV/AIDS; and then explains why even natural healthcare advocates are deceivers. Dr. Mercola, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, are “decoys” in the natural healthcare arena. They are “controlled opposition,”—alternative media protection racketeers. They omit and misrepresent important facts. Their omissions sustain the deceptions and illusions.  Omissions and concealments in law are fraud, Dr. Horowitz explains. Here he talks about consumer fraud. Mercola and Adams also deliver, as much as network television, a “hypnotronic trance state induction” that misses the greatest truths about LOVE/528.

This extraordinary hour of health education in Energy Medicine will dramatically-expand your worldview in health, health science, and healthcare. Please share it after listening and learning.


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