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COVID-19 Biocrime: Introduction to Part II of “The Coup”

About this COVID-19 BIOCRIME Segment


COVID-19 Biocrime
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Award-winning author, filmmaker and Harvard-trained public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, introduces Part II of his developing feature length film titled, COVID-19: The Coup, with this astonishing segment exposing the COVID-19 BIOCRIME.

More than 50,000 viewers saw what Google/Youtube and Vimeo censored–Horowitz’s production of Coronavirus Predictive Programming. (This is now exclusively showing on

In Part I titled “The Cult,” (also shown exclusively on due to widespread censorship and ‘blacklisting’ of the doctor’s works) the doctor presented the relationships between the COVID-19 CULT, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, vaccine developments, the ‘reality-challenging’ media, ‘spirit-cooking,’ and the medical cult indoctrinating syndicate. This “racketeering enterprise” has aided-and-abetted the obvious ‘bioterrorism’ and COVID-19 BIOCRIME administered in alliance with the corporate-controlled media and bribed (or extorted) politicians.

In this Part II of COVID-19: The Coup, you witness the COVID-19 BIOCRIME underlying officials’ response to the virus that appears to be disproportional to the actual size of the biological threat.

“We’ve had flus in the past,”Dr. Horowitz explains, “but we’ve never seen them shut down civilization and the world’s economy.”

The COVID-19 BIOCRIME Threatens Civilization’s Extinction

This extraordinary and disastrous reaction to a virus with such a low morbidity and mortality rate is unreasonable UNLESS Horowitz’s analysis in Part I is accurate: That is, that COVID-19 is a BIOWEAPON with a long incubation period sourcing from an Anglo-American-Asian lab network falsely blamed exclusively on China.

The COVID-19 virus is a “mutagen,” or highly unstable viral recombinant with HIV genes and spike protein structures enabling human-to-human transmissions.  Prompt recoveries in the vast majority of people infected who develop antibodies may not be emancipating. A slow “latent” incubation period is seen with AIDS and the newly emerging evidence of COVID-19 RELAPSE. Viruses continue to be reproduced within infected cells. This infection ultimately weakens the immune system so severely people die of “medical complications.”

COVID-19 BiocrimeNumerous experts working independently internationally now recognize this possibility of latent delayed disease and death despite general media censorship of these fundamental facts.

Dr. Horowitz alone scientifically-documents facts that raise the high probability that the COVID-19 virus acts like “aerosolized AIDS.” There may be a 3-7 year incubation period for severe immune suppression following acute infections and recoveries.

And that’s not the worst of it. The Coronavirus-SARS-HIV-1-malaria ‘recombinant,’ being a lab creation, is highly unstable. Its splices did not come naturally. “The virus did not evolve over millennia and thereby stabilize,” Dr. Horowitz notes. “This means the circulating pathogen is a ‘mutagen’ capable of picking up more deadly genes from other circulating viruses.”

Consequently, COVID-19 is here to stay and even get worse as it recombines with various other (potentially deadlier) viruses. These scientific facts mortally threaten civilization most unconscionably.

Censorship Evidences The COVID-19 BIOCRIME

Dr. Horowitz notes that only under these dire circumstances might officials’ response through censorship and ‘fraudulent concealment’ of experts’ scientific consensus be reconciled. Only then can citizens realize the real ‘public health’ justification for drastic worldwide impositions such as economic shutdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing, and deprivation of human rights, civil liberties, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  All of these “norms” are being restricted, and can only be reconciled by the deadliest of outcomes. This alone best explains the suppressed science further evidencing the COVID-19 BIOCRIME.

Albeit, this explanation and analysis of facts and harsh realities do not legally, ethically, or morally justify the Deep State’s actions, including censoring these unfathomable truths. “Imposed fascism, regardless of its justification, is unconscionable,” Dr. Horowitz insists. “Shutting down the economy and public gatherings, social distancing, and imposing mask-wearing, closing schools, beaches, and sports assemblies, is totalitarian even under the presumed urgency.”

Indeed, officials’ unprecedented response to this ‘flu’ extends far beyond lacking transparency, common sense, and the apparent fraudulent concealment of the lab virus origin and future damage expected from the outbreak.

Even assuming ‘arguendo’ that the worst COVID-19 scenario is unfolding, “the facts do not justify the unfolding circumstances,” Horowitz insists. “There is a genocidal globalization depopulation agenda most obviously aided-and-abetted by COVID-19 and all the facts in hand.”

In this revealing, actually astonishing, segment, Dr. Horowitz considers the worst case scenario. He asks you, his audience, to answer a series of questions piercing the veil of injustice and treason. That millions or even billions of people may eventually die from this “novel” infection. “What then?”

“What is life worth when death is everywhere, and life-saving systems are overwhelmed, including natural immunity and medical remedies?” the doctor asks. He refers you to the Bible’s Psalm 91 for life-saving and soul-empowering guidance.

The COVID-19 BIOCRIME Demands Your Defense

“Live Free or Die” affirms New Hampshire’s motto and Hannity’s new book title. Horowitz leverages FOX News, like the rest of the “fake news” media, that got it “wrong, wrong, wrong” while broadcasting COVID-19 propaganda. All of this contributed to the ‘fake news media.’

Alternatively, the doctor provides a convincing case that those “awake” and aware of the COVID-19 BIOCRIME must now choose to resist the sickening, enslaving, and facist agenda. The criminal mischief includes imposed “testing– that enables ‘DNA gathering.’ Add to this totalitarian threat genetically-mutating ‘fast-tracked’ vaccinations. The new mRNA vaccines are designed to leverage the AIDS-virus ‘spike protein’ segments on the coronavirus mutant; then mutate human DNA resulting in people becoming, literally, “GMOs”. This terminally alters God’s ‘human genome.’

Horowitz interject’s Sting’s musical lyrics and affirming love for God, “I never saw no miracle of science, that didn’t go from a blessing to a curse.”

Ultimately, Horowitz asserts, the “global elite” are acting to profitably secure their “interbred families” wealth and power, and ‘normalize’ New World Order totalitarianism, by ‘transhumanizing’ civilization. Ultimately, this means connecting survivors’ brains to The Cloud, as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Peter Theil have financed and conspired to do militarily along with Jeffrey Epstein’s Deep State cohorts funding the neuroscience’ ‘Media labs’ at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins University; the latter being the lead provider of COVID-19 statistics.

(Note: Dr. Horowitz recommends further reading on these associations and allegations in his latest co-authored book, The Ayahuasca Death Cult (Medical Veritas International, Inc., 2019)

Finally, Dr. Horowitz contrasts the assault on the “natural healing arts and sciences” that provide “natural cures” for all diseases, versus the medical impositions sickening, addicting, and killing people with “COVID-19” and many other “man made” diseases.

“If this virus emerged ‘naturally,’ as Dr. Anthony Fauci defended, then” Dr. Horowitz argues, “deaths are a ‘natural’ outcome of our ‘free living’ and cures are best administered naturally.”

The doctor asks that you share this link liberally with others, especially since his works are being “heavily suppressed.”



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  1. Nice one Dr Horowitz, you tell it like it is. Any chance you could upload the transcript as this is buffering like i am on an old 14 khz modem, when i am actually on virgin’s fastest broadband here in the UK. It plays about 3 seconds then there is a 10 second gap before i hear another 3 seconds.

  2. Well as usual Len is spot on in his analysis. Ive been following Len for a number of years
    and all I can say is thanks Len for all your efforts to wake people up. Thanks also to Sherri Kane for her efforts.

  3. There’s a song I found (I used to play when I was dj) and was 20 to 30 years ahead of time!!!!! Not too many people liked it ONLY I could see the future artist: diary of dreams song title: the curse German group enjoy bobby

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