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Controlled Opposition in ‘Vaccination Debate’ – ‘Full Measure’ with Sharyl Attkinson Neglects Full Measure

This video honorably brings attention to the ‘vaccination debate,’ but dishonorably omits the most important and obvious facts in science, medicine, and politics pursuant to vaccinations’ viral genetics being the sweeping cause of myriad cancers and auto-immune diseases.

This segment illustrates MKULTRA-like fraudulent concealment. MKULTRA is the mind-control and social-engineering program of the Deep State and its corporate chiefs. Its sub-project is called MKNAOMI. That covers biological weapons, cancer-triggers, immune-system destroyers, and profitable population reducers. (Smaller populations are easier to control and protective to Big Pharma and its genocide.) Neglecting MKULTRA and MKNAOMI in the vaccine debate is irresponsible journalism. That is why Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz presents here critical commentary. The doctor’s works exposing these matters have been grossly censored by both sides of the vaccine debate. And that censorship has contributed to the global cancer genocide.

This segment gives the impression that Sharyl Attkison is controlled opposition, as strongly implied by Sinclair Media having produced the segment. The diversion from the ‘main issues’ in ‘vaccinecide’ discredits the otherwise valuable ‘Full Measure’ segment.

Controlled opposition is a fundamental practice in the administration of social-engineering and profitable depopulation. This perfected strategy is central to the MKULTRA and MKNAOMI mind control, bioterrorism, health science, and media programming operations administered by the Deep State (and Big Pharma). This is where the ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ in every aspect of public debate, especially regarding cancer virology, vaccinology, biochemical weaponry, radiation (frequency) warfare, and ‘alternative medicine.’  This MKULTRA influence is evidenced by diversions away from the NCI’s concealed contracts during the Special Virus Cancer Program and the silence and white-washings that surround them and Dr. Horowitz’s peer-reviewed published science.

MKNAOMI’s policies under MKULTRA’s mind-control umbrella leverages FEAR (‘False Evidence Appearing Real’). This is akin to ‘bioterrorism’ for social-engineering through mind-manipulation. Instilling beliefs and persuading attitudes is habit-forming and profitable to the drug and vaccine industrialists. This includes the habit of trusting mind-controlled health officials and medical doctors with our lives as this segment shows.

This contrivance imposes ‘disease control’ rather than disease prevention and cure. This commerce favors profitable depopulation. Imposed shortages of resources—food, water, air, drugs and vaccines–favor heightened demand and greater profits, status quo politics, and globalists’ power.

Diagnosing this disturbing MKULTRA reality that includes controlled opposition programming such as this relies on common sense, made uncommon by MKULTRA’s media manipulations.

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