COINTELPRO COMPROMISED Sexual Exploits of Jew Hating American Terrorists

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

COINTELPRO COMPROMISED Sexual Exploits of Jew Hating American Terrorists

This monumental video by one of YouTube’s most popular doctors, Leonard Horowitz, and ex-FOX News writer, Sherri Kane, blows the cover off of the gang that has deceived and divided virtually every activist organization in America—The COINTELPRO. They work by outputting hateful propaganda, and libeling to discredit activist leaders that become celebrities. Led by Dr. True Ott, subordinate to FBI/CIA agent (apparently not retired) Ted Gunderson, reporting to officials in neo-Nazi terrorist organizations linked to Satanic cults and fake-Christian churches, this group of COINTELPRO agents are compromised by their own documents, e-mails, and stupidity.
Now COMPROMISED, they are running a “Containment Operation” against Dr. H. and Sherri Kane, who True Ott calls the “HoroKane!” In fact, the HoroKane has become COINTELPRO’s worst nightmare, with their thorough reporting, making Gunderson, Ott, White, and co-conspirators, an embarrassment to the counter-intelligence arm of the CIA/FBI and National Security Agency. Watch this amazing Part 2 of Dr. Horowitz’s 4 part series exposing the COINTELPRO’s “Sexual Exploits of Jew-Hating American Terrorists.”
Post this clip elsewhere to support the HoroKane journalists dedicating their lives to exposing the most unnerving truth—the way you think comes from these exposed propagandists. If you do not like governments or governors, guess why. This is the team of MKULTRA mind-control manipulators indoctrinating you. They have been broadcasting their divisive hate and lingering lies to trigger terrorists and psychopaths that believe the COINTELPRO’s unnerving propaganda.

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