CIA Swine Flu Assassinations, Vaccinations & Depopulation

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

CIA Swine Flu Assassinations, Vaccinations & Depopulation

Wake Up America! People worldwide know more about the CIA, and its links to covert operations, deadly vaccinations, and profitable depopulation, than you probably do. Experts are now preparing populations worldwide to receive DEADLY TAMIFLU AND FORECED FLU VACCINATIONS THIS FALL, 2009. You will be shocked to learn what about the CIAs involvement in this, along with their financial beneficiaries in the Carlyle Group and Halliburton Company. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a world leading public health activist and investigative journalist does it again here—heroically reports what no one else has been medically and journalistically able to document and broadcast. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, send this YouTube clip to help save lives worldwide by alerting people to these facts. ONLY THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU AND THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT FREE. So DO NOT BE PART OF A CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE. BE ACTIVE. Watch and then forward this clip immediately and then pass it on. This production, funded by the suppressed silver hydrosol maker, OxySilver, competing against attacks by BigPharma advancing deadly vaccines and polluting antibiotics, offers supplemental reading at FLUscam dot com. This initiative is intended to save millions of lives about to be murdered by the petro-pharmaceutical cartel and their covert operators. Please help us help you and save others.

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