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Revolution Television

Brian Deer Pharma Troll and The GMC, Selective Hearing

Brian Deer is the PharmaTroll that writes for PharmaWhore Rupert Murdoch’s London Sunday Times. He is exposed well here! To all the media that supported this pharmaTroll, shame on you! To anyone that believes that autism cannot be caused by the MMR vaccine, because of something this Pharma Troll started, Please Wake Up!…/brian-deer-and-the-gmc-s…/

FYI, Not only does he control most of the media but PharmaWhore Rupert Murdoch conducted the first untested Swine Flu Vaccination trials on children, with CSL, a division of Merck. His late mother founded the Royal Women’s Hospital In Melborne, testing the vaccine on pregnant women.
If you not watched the film PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller, definitely check it out!

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