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Black Attack: Controlling Opposition


Release: No. BA-1
Date Mailed: March 8, 2017
For Immediate Release


Washington, DC (3-8-17)—A new film titled BLACK ATTACK: Controlling Opposition by multi-award winner, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, distills the genocide devastating colored people in a nation rocked by racism, political warfare, and globalists threatening “doomsday” bioterrorism while supporting depopulation.

“It was largely celebrity activist Dick Gregory who prompted the production,” Horowitz said of BLACK ATTACK, featuring Radio One veteran journalist and talk show host Carl Nelson and callers. “Dick told Carl to invite me on the show, and now it’s a feature length film.”

Horowitz is the nation’s leading drug industry and bioterrorism whistleblower. The author of nineteen books and seven documentary films, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions for UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro, the 65-year old Harvard-trained public health authority is the premier source of scientific evidence for the claim that AIDS and Ebola viruses were created in labs under National Cancer Institute (NCI) contracts. Dr. Horowitz’s first of three national bestsellers—Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? diverted Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign when his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preached that the “government lied” about creating AIDS as a genocidal weapon, best explaining the disproportionate killing of Africans and African-Americans by HIV and “drug cocktails.” Minister Louis Farrakhan invited the Jewish doctor to dinner to discuss the NCI contracts, resulting in repeat invitations to speak at Nation of Islam Savior’s Day conferences. Hollywood celebrity Will Smith expressly asked Warner Brothers to show Dr. Horowitz’s book in I Am Legend, a story similar to the current reality confronting civilization with extinction from lab viruses loosed by bioterrorists.

Speaking at the 2017 World Economic Forum, Bill Gates warned that the threat of bioterrorism required world governments to stockpile vaccines and drugs to prepare for a “bio-attack,” prompting Horowitz’s invitation on The Carl Nelson Show—DC’s most popular news talk program on WOL-1450AM and 95.9FM. WOL is a subsidiary of Radio One, Inc., the nation’s largest radio broadcasting company serving the African-American community.

Nelson was the first reporter allowed to interview Nelson Mandela on the eve of his historic 1991 release from a South African prison. As News Director for Stevie Wonder’s KJLH Radio, Nelson was the only news reporter allowed to cross police lines during the 1991 Rodney King riots. Nelson’s teams have received a wide range of accolades, including a NAACP Image Award, a Golden Mike Award, and a Los Angeles Press Club Award.

BLACK ATTACK: Controlling Opposition transforms a monumental radio broadcast into a multi-media learning experience dedicated to saving lives. Hundreds of graphics illustrate why “knowledge is power” serving the show’s main theme. Horowitz explains the little known concept of “controlled opposition” that has stymied community activism and secured the worsening genocide demanding the public’s attention and duty to stop.

Produced in association with Medical Veritas International, Inc. and Olelo Community Media, with support of donors and, BLACK ATTACK: Controlling Opposition, may be viewed for free at and’s “Revolution Television Channel.”


Note to Journalists: For interviews with Dr. Horowitz, please mail:

5348 Vegas Drive ۰ Las Vegas, NV 89108۰

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