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A “Message to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Anti-Vaxxers” from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


Release: No. 3-COVID COUP/Kennedy’s The Real Fauci
Date Mailed: December 6, 2021
For Immediate Release
Contact: Editor—310-877-3002;

Concealments of AIDS Genes in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Greatest Cover-up Kills Millions in “COVID Genocide”: Dr. Leonard Horowitz Posts Video Message to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Anti-Vaxxers

Las Vegas, NV (; 12-6-21)—Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, the author of the world’s top-selling longest-enduring book on emerging viruses and communicable diseases, has posted a 27-minute video Message to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Anti-Vaxxers on in which “political correctness,” “controlled opposition,” censorship, and fraudulent concealments of the AIDS virus “gain-of-function” genes spliced into COVID-19’s spike protein delivery mutation is blamed for killing millions.

The “whole truth” has been secreted by Dr. Anthony Fauci, his “inner circle,” and even by Fauci’s greatest critics in politics and the media, according to Dr. Horowitz. His “Message” contains hundreds of graphics, including concealed government “Special Virus Cancer Program” contracts showing the source of the mRNA biotechnology operating in COVID mutants.

Twenty-five years ago, the heavily-censored scientist and Editor of Medical Veritas  journal predicted lab virus mutations by the “military industrial complex” would plague the world precisely like COVID is doing and the media is concealing. He refutes the claim that the “Wuhan lab virus” emerged by accident, negligence, or anything other than by “criminal intent” for depopulation and the “Great Global Reset.”

“This is the deadliest ‘cover-up’ in medical history,” Horowitz says. “A solution to this ‘organized crime’ is precluded by people too afraid to tell ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.’ Bravery and honesty is the prescribed remedy, necessary to restore ‘normalcy’ across society by telling the ‘whole story.’ Not censoring it, or the AIDS virus component, for ‘political expediency or social acceptance. Incredulous ignorant friends, family, and colleagues are a danger to themselves and everyone else.”

“If you are too afraid to admit this ‘bioweapon’ and ‘bioterrorism’ rests in AIDS science and genetic segments spliced into the coronavirus/SARS mutant to make it more infectious and lethal,” the expert explains, “then regardless of your good or bad intent, you are enabling the death of millions, possibly billions, of people as this bioweapon mutates and vaccine injuries increase.”

The doctor’s “Message” derives from his review of Mr. Kennedy’s book, The Real Dr. Anthony Fauci, that Horowitz, who wrote COVID COUP: The Rise of the Fourth Reich, recommends reading to discern the “bigger picture,” including how “controlled opposition” and “MindWar” operates to damage and kill targeted populations.

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