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Revolution Television

New Science Discovery : “528 Water Smacker” Intelligence from Harvard by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Scientifically dumbfounding, here is world leading consumer health activist and Big Pharma whisleblower–Harvard trained, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz–heralding new water and food manufacturing systems based on nature. This is literally “shocking” Tesla technology harmonizing with the 528Hz/nm frequencies of sound and light evidence to be the heart of rainbows and cosmic creation. The water is manufactured with, and stores in electrifying memory, the “pure tone color and light of LOVE”–the “Universal Healer.”

Dr. Horowitz is a multi-award-winning author and filmmaker who has pioneered energy medicine products and equipment for the past four decades. Here he heralds his “Official Selection” of the micro-clustering water technology available to consumers for the first time for a reasonable price developed by engineer and fellow health activist, Bob Boyce. Horowitz added his “LOVE 528 Coaster” used to deactivate harmful chemicals in wine to Boyce’s invention.

For more information, go to 528WaterSmacker (dot) com.

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  1. Hi,
    What makes the 528 WS different from the WS sold by WaterSmacker on their site? Also, I see you have a bunch of caveats in terms of what waters cannot be used or they will damage the unit or void warranty, which I do not see on their site.
    Dave Clark

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