Conscious Species


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Grizzly Bear and Wolf Cub- Best Friends

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Orangutan Surrogate Mom to Tiger Cubs

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Lion Hug

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Christian the Lion Amazing Reunion

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A Lion Called Christian- Full Documentary

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Lion and Human Best Friends

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Giraffe Manor

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Dog Loves Water Slide

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Kangaroo Kick Boxing Fun

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Elephant Birth

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Amazing Giant Leaf Insect

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Loving Wolf

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Cat walks Dog

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Baby Kitty Plays Paddy Cakes

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Man’s Best Friend

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Kitty Love Lizard

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Turtle LOVE Triangle on The LOVE Zone Pilot

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Conscious Species

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“Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane (a.k.a., “The HOROKANE”) are at the forefront of exposing the world’s worst villains, including the “shadow governors” and “Militant Media” advancing terrorism, multi-national corporate fascism, and assorted crimes against humanity.

Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane are also on the front lines in the spiritual battle between good and evil, advancing the “528 LOVERevolution” featuring “medicinal music” made in the frequency of 528Hz–the sound at the heart of nature–ideal for natural healing.

Both journalists have been victimized by the “system of injustice,” about which many simply close their eyes and silence voices of opposition and life-saving activism. Yet, The HOROKANE has been sustained and applauded by many supporters worldwide who keep these activists in their prayers, to keep outputting articles, books, and DVDs, such as seen on, thereby keeping “We The People” informed.

Visit to read their latest reports on corruption, and to consider their prescriptions for curing the “world gone mad.” Together, they say, we can co-create peace, sustainability, and optimal prosperity..

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