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Unkosher Vaccines Holocaust

Release: No. Unkosher Vaccines Holocaust

April 17, 2019

For Immediate Release



Jewish Priest Slams Pharma-Rabbi for Religious ‘Hypocrisy’ and Genocidal ‘Stupidity’ in Unfolding Vaccine Controversy

Boston, MA—Video retribution has been published by a Jewish doctor and priest slamming a fellow ‘medical deity’ Rabbi for telling fellow Jews to ‘shut up’ about their ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ get vaccinated, or otherwise cause anti-Semitism and a measles pandemic.

Rebuking doctor rabbi Aaron Gladd of New York and Israel for spewing ‘religious hypocrisy’ and un-scientific ‘hogwash’ is the award-winning filmmaker, pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, and ‘Levitical priest,’ Leonard G. Horowitz of Boston’s Harvard community. Fed-up with Gladd, a leading medical rabbi who blames recent measles outbreaks on ‘ignorant Jews,’ Horowitz’s response warns of a ‘vaccine holocaust’ aided-and-abetted by the rabbi’s ‘stupidity’ and ‘willful-blindness’ to the Merck and Bayer corporate complicity in the WWII genocide.

“Gladd serves the ‘Deep State’s’ latest trick to sell intoxicating ‘immunizations’ using the ‘red herring’ of ‘vaccine hesitancy’,” explains Sherri Kane, the Associate Editor of Medical Veritas. “Gladd’s medical justification is fraudulent, but effectively drives a stake through the heart of Jewish communities.”

“What kind of a rabbi disparages, damages, and defeats religious objectors in favor of Big Pharma, whose history links directly to the Third Reich?” Dr. Horowitz asks. “Their multi-national corporate agenda includes bribing legislators, imposing mandatory vaccinations, and commercializing blood contaminations and vaccine-induced illnesses, including cancers and auto-immune diseases according to real science.”

Dr. Gladd serves a worldwide commercial effort to reform religious laws to accommodate the ‘drug cartel’ according to Dr. Horowitz’s rebuke. The pro-vaccine propaganda has no righteous place in any of the world’s religions. The Old Testament law states you should not even touch the carcass of a pig (dead or alive). Leviticus 11:8 and 27 forbids this. But the Merck drug company’s MMR vaccine associated with dramatic increases of autism in black boys particularly, includes GMOs and swine-derived gelatin. Leviticus 19:19 outlaws genetic engineering, and verses 8 and 27 precludes even touching dead swine as unclean. Yet, Rabbi Gladd preaches hypocrisy telling even orthodox Jews to inject these hyper-allergenic risks directly into peoples’ bloodstreams.

Dr. Horowitz, whose bloodline links him to Moses quotes Jesus on Gladd’s ‘genocidal hypocrisy.’ “Beware of those who call themselves Jews who are not.”




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