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Tucker Carlson Exposes Anthony Fauci As a Liar_4_17_20

Tucker Carlson appears to respond spontaneously and unscripted to a “live” Coronavirus Task Force briefing wherein a reporter asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, “Can you address the suggestions or concerns that, ahhh, that this virus was somehow manmade, and came out of the laboratory in China?” The pandemic response director for the Trump administration replied by noticeably incriminating himself by evading the question.

Carlson, most surprisingly, ‘Freudian slips.’ He clarifies the underlying and most important question as to whether or not COV19 was “genetically engineered.” Further, whether the “manmade” genetically-engineered virus was created in the Chinese lab, or elsewhere?

Carlson then accurately pegs Fauci as a liar. “He effectively mislead” reporters, Carlson acknowledged. “It’s not clear why he did that,” he added.

To best answer that question, read Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz‘s reviews and analyses on the topic at, such as HERE:

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