Revolution Television

Revolution Television


It’s karma time.

Using, Dr. Horowitz was able to gain an appellate court judgment against Sulla’s foreclosure fraud, issued May 2, 2019 by the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s Intermediate Court of Appeals. That ruling, in effect, indicts Bradley Tamm and U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Howard Hu, for failing to do a ‘reasonable inquiry’ into Sulla’s property theft scheme.

If the Appellate Court could do it very easily as they were moved to do by Horowitz’s filings, then why didn’t Tamm, Hu and Bankruptcy Judge Robert Faris?

Because they did not want to do their jobs. They wanted to deprive Dr. Horowitz in favor of a known drug-trafficking kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Their actions to maliciously railroad Horowitz and help Sulla complete his heist is the subject of this karmic episode featured on, and Vimeo’s Revolution Television channel.

This is what karma brings if you are a student of–scandalous exposures of devildoers.

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