The Eagles Last Resort in 528

Published on November 25, 2017 by Revolution Television

The Eagles Last Resort in 528

This video presents The Eagles moving saga, “The Last Resort”, remastered in 528Hz by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and beautifully illustrated using many exquisite period art images setting the lyrics to video. The Eagles have been the doctor’s all time favorite band, largely because their lyrics relay the history of America, in many cases politically-incorrect and troubling. This 9th track from the Hotel California album features Don Henley’s iconic voice artistically relaying the story of America’s commercial degeneration under the powers of New England merchants, bankers, and lawyers. “The Last Resort” is remastered here into the “LOVE Frequency” of 528Hz. The video and original live performance was “tuned up” to A=444Hz/C=528Hz. This production by award-winning filmmaker, political activist, and consumer advocate, Dr. Horowitz, was sent to the White House and Justice Department to supplement the doctor’s petition for justice against the organized crime gang opposed by Don Henley and Glenn Frey’s stirring lyrics. (See the press release published on at

In addition, this production was donated by Dr. Horowitz to secure a shift in the music industry to promote the “medicinal” quality of music produced by the precise frequency of 528. This accords with recent discoveries published in “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE” by this Harvard-trained public health expert. This acoustic “tune-up” from A-440Hz to A-444Hz/C=528Hz heightens the experience of viewing the sobering graphics, and integrating the sad and alarming messages The Eagles “Last Resort.” relays. 528Hz produces “medicinal music,” according to the doctor’s published research. 528 transpositions lock listeners into the central frequency of nature, sunshine, and buzzing bees. Dr. Horowitz’s loving contribution here prays for relief from the destruction of nature and “Paradise” prompted by raising “consciousness” to the power of “Love 528.”


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