The CDCs Swine Flu Vaccination Genocide

Published on February 17, 2015 by Revolution Television

The CDCs Swine Flu Vaccination Genocide
This shocking clip from The LOVE CODE Seminar by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz proves the government has been lying about vaccination safety, and conducting GENOCIDE at the expense of our children, families, national security, and general prosperity. This segment displays the CDCs secreted science marked CONFIDENTIAL . . . DO NOT COPY OR RELEASE proving a gross cover-up of scientific evidence condemning drug industrialists for knowingly intoxicating our children with deadly levels of mercury. The Thimerosal VSD Study Phase I is suppressed science that proves drug companies and their political prostitutes on Capitol Hill are capable of doing anything for money and population control! Genocide conducted under the guise of public health is satanic, according to Dr. Horowitzs reasoned commentary.

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