Revolution Television

Revolution Television

Purple Rain in 528

This video presents Prince performing his classic Purple Rain in 528 frequency, the 528Hz “LOVE Frequency.” This video of an original live performance was NOT produced in “standard tuning” by Prince or his engineers. Instead, they chose A=444Hz/C=528Hz. This tuning was “up” from the institutionalized “concert pitch” of A=440Hz.

This production and publication by Dr. Leonard Horowitz was donated to secure a shift in the music industry to promote the “medicinal” quality of music produced by the precise frequency of 528, in accordance with recent discoveries published in “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE.” This compilation includes lyrics and guitar chords to “sing and jam along in the spirit of 528.” Experience the “uplift” from this performance of this classic. This is “medicinal music” celebrating the central frequency of nature, sunshine, and buzzing bees.

Herald this “528LOVERevolution” to bring greater health, peace, and happiness to people and the planet. This is PRECISELY what Prince’s lyrics and masterful performance intended to achieve.

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