Pseudo Science in Vaccine Safety Risk Benefit Studies

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

Pseudo Science in Vaccine Safety Risk Benefit Studies
In this segment, Dr. Horowitz exposes the fraud of telling people vaccines are “safe and effective” when there are never any “RISK/BENEFIT” studies to prove either safety or efficacy.
“RISK/BENEFIT” studies are fundamental to rational decision-making whether or not we should give vaccines, or require the public to receive them. Without these studies, required science, there is no proof of general benefit from vaccinations.
In fact, risks far outweigh the benefits from giving or receiving vaccinations.
This fact alone demands health officials, doctors, and nurses STOP ADMINISTERING VACCINES. Otherwise, these “care-givers” may be guilty of mass murder–certainly not what health professionals signed up to do with their lives.

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