People Get Ready in 528Hz Medicinal Music from Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart’s Classic Video

Published on May 5, 2015 by Revolution Television

People Get Ready in 528Hz: ” Medicinal Music ” from Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart’s Classic Video

People Get Ready has now been remastered into 528Hz from the original classic recorded in A=440Hz “standard tuning.”

Why have we done this? Because C=528Hz tuning and “LOVE/528” remastering produces “medicinal music,” better for your health and public safety, both at risk of damage and suffering from severe  mental and emotional distress generated by listening to all genres of music recorded in A=440Hz.

Serious music lovers can “feel” the difference between “standard tuning” and C-528Hz remastering. Listen to this music video. If you get more of a “rush,” “shivers,” or what is called “frisson” in musicology, that’s because you are listening to an outstanding classic remastered in the frequency of love, rainbow hearts, and buzzing bees.

Happy listening, courtesy of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and

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  • Allain 9 years ago

    You’re right.

    I felt it right away.

    Very happy to know there are others like me around.

    Not alone after all.

    Our love will survive my friend.


  • Allain 9 years ago

    Love Beck and Stuart. or is it Stuart and Beck?


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