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OxySilver For Pets Commercial

OxySilver with 528 for Pets is a wonderful, safe and effective way to keep your pets healthy and help them in recovery.

Our friend’s fur baby, Koco, got healed with a change of diet and OxySilver, so we decided to make OxySilver available for everyone with a beloved pet.

Larry wrote as an endorsement for OxySilver for Pets, “The doctor said my dog had cancer in his ear. The sad thing is I had resolved to put him down and say goodbye to my best friend, because HIS HEAD WAS DOUBLE THE SIZE on that side of the ear. He had surgery a month before. But now the swelling returned bloody puss from his ear and all, i was devastated. The vet said… to avoid him suffering I should consider putting him down. And then a friend asked me why? She told me, “No! He can be cured!”

She sent me two bottles of this product “OxySilver.” This is only after TWO treatments and the difference is phenomenal. (Larry sent us the video he took with his cell phone showing Koko jumping around for joy.)

“If you love your pet, DON’T feed them cheap food… not even the pricey ones! READ labels! If it has BHA or food dyes you ARE causing your animals harm. But regardless if you or your child or pet feels ill, buy Oxysilver and see the difference it makes. I’m so happy to see my boy happy and getting healthy. And this is only after two days treatment.

“This is NOT an advertisement! This is my testimonial!” Larry wrote. “If you desire to find out more about this product or where you can purchase it, just click on the link below:”

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  1. It would be nice if your shipping and handling wasn’t $12 for everything. The item I ordered was 2499; therefore, I had to pay 50% in shipping and handling. I had to go back-and-forth with myself to come to terms with paying 50% for shipping and handling, but I finally did. Any other time that would steer me away from the product all together.

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