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NSA CIA Trolls Destroy Heroes to Profit Villains Snowden Wikileaks Evidence Protection Racket for Death Industry

NSA CIA Trolls Destroy Heroes to Profit Villains Snowden Wikileaks Evidence Protection Racket for Death Industry

Snowden/Wikileaks Evidence Hacktivist Protection Racket for Controlling Opposition to Deadly Global Enterprise.

This landmark video production contributes to public health, safety, and education by explaining how and why such hacktivist trolls–commercial criminals effecting widespread social discord–are administered by intelligence agencies to secure “crisis capitalism,” terrorism, and contrived wars through media manipulations and cultural divisions.

This unprecedented film exposes the psychological operations, “hypnotronic warfare,” and induced public “trance states,” profiting the largest corporations in every nation and industry, including energy, medicine, and banking, through which the global cartel’s deadly agendas are secured.

These film-making-journalists lives have been repeatedly threatened. Indeed, assassinating journalists by contrived “accident” or “suicide,” as has been known to happen multiple times under similar circumstances to other members of the “free press,” would further undermine the Western intelligence agencies’ stature as a criminal enterprise.

“If they can’t discredit you, and control you, they have to kill you,” said Kane. “Then they are subject to the Force of karma; and they lose in the long term as devil-doers,” added Horowitz.

In 36 riveting minutes the COINTELPRO-branded “HOROKANE” expose the covert actions of their professionally-trained attackers–graduates of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Unit (JTRIG)–the counterpart to the U.S. National Security Agency in England. Their published records prove the precise policies, attack strategies, and perverse propaganda practices, generated in the Human Science Operations Cell (HSOC) of “Central Intelligence.” The protocols detailed in this film are used by the hacktivist trolls to destroy the reputations of heroes to benefit villains. These menaces to justice conflict with civilized society.

Racketeering in organized crime has become institutionalized by these covert agencies and their psychologically compromised agents, these journalists argue. They evidence trolls profiting from concealed commercial interests and agency-protection. This is how competitor are neutralized. This is not fair play in commerce. It is an imposition of “crisis capitalism” suppressing and damaging everything good and righteous, including peace, on earth.

Dr. Horowitz–a Harvard Univ. trained expert in public health and behavioral science, notes the risks to society from HSOC’s abuses of human psychology, behavior modification, and cultural engineering to generate war and disease economies.

“It takes gross denial and ignorance, what most people call ‘stupidity,’ professionals call psychopathology, and clergy call “demonic possession,’ to work for agencies as agents of this madness. This is not heroic service to any country. This is treason against every nation and civilization as a whole.

In fact, the entire population is endangered, unless we “shift paradigms” and demand protections of human rights and law enforcement in area of social psychology and mind control. This is a legislative emergency, because of the explosion in cyber technologies and the Internet. Laws are urgently needed to counter rampant consumer fraud and commercial crime aided-and-abetted by negligent lawmakers, complicit regulators, and media officials.

“Another reason they chose the wrong targets,” Dr. Horowitz explained, “is because ‘offing’ us would martyr, publicize, and further legitimize what the multinational corporations have labored for a century to suppress–natural medicine and holistic healing. There are simple, low cost, no risk, solutions to this modern madness that we celebrate for humanity’s sake. They alternatively institutionalize fear, make wars, and profit from disease care. Our life-saving remedies are modeled by nature, theirs are modeled by poisons and sick minds. Our solutions are central to our life’s purpose and film’s mission. Their actions suppress their own loving souls. We promote natural healing and the importance of the 528 frequencies of sound and light modeled by nature to sustain and heal everything requiring that blessing. They operate to destroy nature and enslave people. This is a battle between good and evil. And we are advancing paradigm-shattering solutions they hate–including the website heralding medicinal music making, publishing expose’s on deadly vaccines, and broadcasting the best music for healing.”

“It is my hope that this film will be a ‘game changer,’” Kane said, “because the greedy, arrogant, psychopathic paradigm of generating mental illness and social distress to profit drug and war industrialists is convincingly evidenced in this video for the first time for the world to watch. It takes viewers from Dr. Horowitz’s personal tragedy into the global dilemma that challenges human freedom in every nation. We vet the “wizards” behind the curtain of so-called ‘intelligence’ and ‘counter-intelligence,’ exposing them for being traitorous victims of their own deadly dementia.”

The journalists who produced and contributed to this film agree that whatever sacrifices they make are worthwhile. They are committed to developing widespread public awareness of how the intelligence agencies actually operate criminally and commercially abusing human rights, freedoms, psychology, behavioral science, fear-based messaging, deception, illusion, diversion, social division, the Internet, Hollywood, and other media, to influence populations for money and power.

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  1. We do agree on this… That all will be revealed. As stated, I love a great deal of work accomplished by the great knowledge of Len. I have been drawn to it. The good however, are included into those who are of the synagogue of Satan. This is sowing of discord. I can not be a partaker of that. This is why I withdraw. I am to study to be approved.. I am not prepared therefore, to spend my time & energy in all of the many issues you are confronted with.

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