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New York Doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell, Characterizes The Coronavirus Bioweapon Oxygen Deprivation Syndrome Neglected by Experts

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, on the front-line in New York, raises a ‘red flag’ and warning to the medical establishment responding to coronavirus disease. Concluding here from his clinical experience treating these patients, “I have seen things I’ve never seen before.

“In treating these patients I’ve witnessed medical phenomenon that just don’t make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a ‘viral pneumonia’. ‘Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome’ (ARDS) is the paradigm every hospital in the country is working under. . . that is untrue. In short, I believe that we are treating the wrong disease. And I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time. . . .

“It appears that some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling ‘high altitude sickness’ [is being overlooked and neglected]. These patients are slowly being deprived of oxygen. I have seen patients depending on oxygen take off their oxygen [masks] and quickly progress into a state of anxiety and emotional distress, and eventually get blue in the face. And while they look like patients absolutely on the brink of death, they do not look like patients dying of pneumonia. . . .

“I fear that if we are using a ‘false paradigm’ to treat a new disease; that the method that we program the ventilator—one based on the notion of ‘respiratory failure’ rather than ‘oxygen failure’ . . . is actually doing more harm than good. . . . [This] challenges long-held dogmantic beliefs within the medical community and lung specialists which will not be easy to overcome. But I really believe they must be overcome [to prevent unnecessary morbidity and mortality].”


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