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Inside the Ayahuasca Enterprise

Inside the Ayahuasca Enterprise

This recorded conversation, set to graphics,  goes behind the scenes of the illegal “ayahuasca” drug trafficking enterprise. People at risk, especially young men and women searching for their own identities and meaning in life, have no idea about the darkness that surrounds this alleged “fast track to God.” The hallucinogenic “journey” and “religious rituals” is fueled by covert operators connected to the CIA who made and brought LSD to college students and war protestors during the 1960s and 70s. Then they brought cocaine and meth to urban America.

This “ayahuasca”–dimethyltryptamine or “DMT”–is the new “designer LSD.” And here is a insiders’ view from both ends of the public opinion spectrum.

Investigative journalist Sherri Kane’s house on the Big Island of Hawaii was stolen by the “hoasca” drug kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., reputed to be among America’s most corrupt lawyers. Sulla stole Kane’ and her partner’s 27-acre Steam Vent Inn & Health Retreat where Sulla’s mob operates manufacturing “hoasca tea” and shipping it across the U.S. and overseas.

Kane’s partner is one of the most respected humanitarian natural medicine activists in the world, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Together, they have been fighting Sulla’s corruption in five court cases for the past decade.

Kane talks here to Sulla’s leading DMT extraction chemist, whose name is withheld. The defrauded expert explains to Kane everything ongoing in Sulla’s “hoasca” manufacturing and trafficking enterprise. He was clueless about the illegality of his complicity, until Kane tells him about the actual U.S. Supreme Court ruling that only permits DMT importation under license, not domestic manufacturing and interstate trafficking.

Kane hopes Sulla and his agents who now possesses her and the doctor’s home, especially ayahuasca con artist Marc Shackman from England, go to jail. Marc Shackman’s illegal drug church was previously shut down by the Feds in 2016, in Washington State, and then Sulla brought him to Pahoa to live in the stolen steam vent inn.  Washington State did not want him doing it there, so why should Hawaii want him?

Listen, watch, and learn about the illegal occupation of Dr. Horowitz’s Steam Vent Spa in Pahoa, renamed by Sulla, “Pele’s Breath,” where musical event producer Chris Berry knowingly works with these criminals to defraud the public into supporting “Flow Fest 2019” and other “Consciousness Raising” musical events on the stolen property.

Berry and Shackman deceive naive concert-goers, inn visitors, and hoasca “church” members claiming they know noting about Sulla’s enterprise in stolen property and drug trafficking. Berry and Shackman now advertised to accommodate “ayahuasca tourism” and get-stoned and trip-out concert-goers while trespassing on Dr. Horowitz’s and Kane’s lands, financing the thieves who stole the couple’s properties. State and federal agents are supposed to return their property, shown here, to them. Let’s pray that they do, and support them by spreading this video online.

Make copies of this 17-minute segment, and tell others to view it as a public service. Tell everyone you know not to support Sulla’s, Shackman’s, and Berry’s enterprises that are aiding-and-abetting racketeering in organized crimes. And tell people who think DMT/ayahuasca is “rad” to get their heads examined by a good shrink.

For sure, NEVER drink “huasca tea” sourced from Sulla’s illegal operation in Hawaii. Do everything you can to shut it down.

And check out Paul J. Sulla, Jr’s 75 entities, mostly named after Ayahusaca, allegedly for laundering the drug money through stolen real estate.

Google the name Paul J. Sulla Jr to learn more about this menace to the Big Island of Hawaii. And contact law enforcement to find out why they allow him to roam free to continue to harm the community.

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