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Revolution Television

How Facebook Helps The CIA

This video was produced by the Onion, a tabloid media company sponsored by big money, that alleges what they produce is “satire.”

But if you watch this video, there is nothing funny about it. As a matter of fact, it appears that it is the truth.

Why would Big Money fund a “satire” about the CIA controlling FACEBOOK?

Because the “Hollywood Spin” into “satire” hashes any intelligence confirming the CIA’s control over this social media service.

Further, this type of “programming” implants a “meme” into viewers’ minds that the CIA is watching everything we do. (What a waste of time if that were true!)

Suffice it to say we have republished this video under “Fair Usage” law to educate the public and provide this commentary. BEWARE OF THOSE WHO CLAIM TO PUBLISH “SATIRE.” The CIA said the same thing about the infamous Report From Iron Mountain published by Leonard Lewin in 1967. They claimed it was a “satire.” There was nothing funny about it. If you read that book you will see how EVERYTHING that is happening politically and economically in America today is CONTROLLED, and has been for a long, long time.

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