Health Care Reform Fraud

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

Health Care Reform Fraud

Obama administration health care reformers say health care reform is more than a social imperative it is an economic necessity. Little do people know that health reformers are on track for murdering millions of Americans.
Health care reform is a gross deception perpetrated by political prostitutes of pharmaceutical special interests purposely neglecting alternative and complementary health practices for profitability and population control. Vested interests in maintaining public ignorance despise alternative and complementary health practices proven safe and effective in improving health status, patient satisfaction, employee health, expanded benefits, corporate savings, and widespread economic earnings through reduced absenteeism and better morale in workplaces worldwide. So rather than heralding these scientifically proven facts, and grant the American people and U.S. economy serious relief, all Democrats and Republicans offer is more of the same deceptive rhetoric.
Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a world leading health advocate for the people. His numerous publications and presentations speak to his more than 30 years of service as a governmental watchdog and pharmaceutical industry whistle blower.
Here the retired dentist turned public health expert lends his support to transforming American healthcare, and even world health, using the State of New Mexico’s recently enacted “Unlicenced Complementary and Alternative Health Practice Act” that frees people, patients and professionals alike, to exercise their God-given right to accessing natural healing methods and materials provided by those intelligent enough to cherish them.
Help spread this important film across the United States, Canada, and world to help save lives, wake people up to what is really “going down” in Washington, and co-create a health care system based on decency and intelligence rather than hypocrisy and official malfeasance.

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