Hawaii Outrage Over Corruption: Citizens Squeal on Police, Prosecutors, Lawyers and Judges in Big Island Crime Enterprise

Published on December 11, 2015 by Revolution Television

Albeit one of the most boring hearings you may ever watch, this is real life drama at a typical County of Hawaii Council meeting in which new bills covering ethics, funding for law enforcement, homeland security, and “enterprise zones” are up for votes. The meeting begins with popular Councilwoman and crime fighter, Margaret Wille, complaining that her financing bill was mysteriously rescheduled without her even being informed! So much for “ethics” and “transparency in government,” when even council members can’t get information and satisfaction. The rest of the complainants raise a spectrum of serious issues each worthy of attending, albeit their presentations are boring. We’ve posted this video simply to serve the Hawaii community to demonstrate the growing disgust that good citizens have expressed, and that in this case, has caused activist Paul Komara to advance a common law grand jury plan to remedy the corruption.


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