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Harvard Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Co-Inventor, Censored for Opposing Risks of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines


Harvard Dr. Robert Malone, a bioethics champion who played a significant role in developing the mRNA vaccines poorly tested and manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna drug companies corroborates what Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz has been urgently warning for the past quarter century:

“The risk-to-benefit ratio of any and all vaccines cannot be known, because accurate and complete data is missing,” Dr. Horowitz (also a graduate of Harvard’s School of Public Health) was warned.

“That means we don’t know whether or not we are killing and maiming more people than we are helping or saving using any vaccines,” Horowitz has repeated lectured since 1996 when he first published the best-selling textbook in this field, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Two more reckless unconscionable omissions that the media commits every time they speak of mRNA vaccines is that:

(1) the “Spike Protein” (i.e., ‘S-protein antigen’) derives substantially from AIDS virus research and genetic “gain-of-function” developments. Dr. Horowitz has written extensively on this risk to civilization on Part of the risk is that ‘shedding’ or spreading of these foreign S-protein can occur causing other viruses to recombine with them to form more strains of possibly deadlier viruses; and

(2) Auto-immune diseases are expected to explode, along with more cancers, from these S-proteins landing on different cells and proteins throughout the body causing immune cells to attack and destroy these “antigenic complexes,” Dr. Horowitz has warned for a quarter century, and with COVID-19 since early February, 2020.


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