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Guitar Dissonance and 528 Harmonic Tutorial by Jon Catler

Guitar Dissonance Tutorial: Why 528 and 396Hz “Open Harmonic Tuning” is Preferred by Recording Artist and Berkeley Music Scholar, Jon Catler.

In this short video, 13 O’Clock Blues Band lead guitarist, Jon Catler, explains why every fretted guitar is always playing in dis-easing and annoying “dissonance” when strings are tuned to “Concert Pitch” (A=440Hz, “Standard Tuning”) Jon, who manufactures his own line of fretless guitars, clearly explains, and expertly demonstrates, the fretting of standard guitars imposes jarring dissonance upon artists and their audiences. Instead, he recommends open harmonic tuning using 528 and 396Hz to produce “healing harmonic music.”

Filmed here by world leading Hip Hop artist, researcher, and award-winning producer of The Power of Sound, Mark Robertson of OneVision Productdion, Jon explains why he always tunes to 528 and 396Hz to gain the harmonic benefits of “natural resonance.”

Present is Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the author of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, that Jon read in 2014, and thereafter, began a quest for “higher consciousness” in music, resulting in his 528/396 open tuning preference exclusively celebrated by him, students, and fellow band members, including Meredith “Babe” Borden (seen in this video listening in the background.) Also present is journalist Sherri Kane, who Jon encourages while closing, along with all novice guitarists, to experiment with “open harmonic tuning” in 528/396, for easier playing and listening.

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