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Free Introduction to Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s ‘Frequency Rehab’ Online Course

This is the Frequency Rehab 40-minute introduction by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz promoting his monumental course evolving healthcare. His program features ‘Frequency Rehabilitation’ for helping ‘whole people’ recover ‘miraculously’ from diseases.

This video introduces bio-energetics and ‘Frequency Therapeutics’ as Dr. Horowitz calls this most exciting and promising field in energy medicine. His protocols integrate the best know-how from various disciplines in natural healing. He emphasizes the commonalities addressed best in ‘Energy Medicine.’ This field celebrates ‘bio-spirituality’ and natural healing energy available cosmically. This natural healing power is in the ambient atmosphere, just like Nikola Tesla taught.

Dr. Horowitz explains the commonalities of scientifically-proven therapies using sound, color, and light frequencies. These vibrate in the most powerful, sustaining, and rejuvenating resonances in your cells, tissues, body organs, chakras and acupuncture meridians. This is the same energy responsible for sacred geometry and ‘intelligent design’ in the universe. It is also the same energy empowering the DNA to rebuild everything in your body to its normal structure and function.

Dr. Horowitz has christened and trademarked the nine (9) core creative frequencies, “The Perfect Circle of Sound.” These include the ‘MIracle tone’ of the ancient Solfeggio scale. These frequencies pre-date the Hebrew and Roman Catholic eras, the doctor explains. They include 528Hz ‘pure tone’ that harmonizes beautifully with the 432Hz tone widely acknowledged to accompany universal design.

This Harvard-trained health science scholar and award-winning author and filmmaker introduces this 12-credit-hour academic training program for ALL caregivers, not only medical doctors and nurses. His wisdom understands the great need and urgent potential to enable all caregivers, young and old, wealthy or poor, lay and professional, to join hearts and hands in administering loving care to persons in need. He offers the ways and means to share drug-free ‘bio-energy’ made freely or inexpensively using multiple available modalities and novel technologies. These include many options, from using one’s own hands as energy channels to making simple ‘energy amplifying’ devices at home. His course provides instructions for making healing equipment. He recommends ‘medicinal music’ and a new concept in ‘chakra therapy’ using specific frequencies of sound supplemented by gemstones in ‘chakra disks’ and “BioEnergy Wands” that accommodate a variety of successful ‘alternative therapies.’ These innovative technologies enable lay caregivers and professionals alike to be more effective in administering needed care for the billions of people in need.

To register for Dr. Horowitz’s amazing, life-changing, and professionally-enabling course, please go to his official website for enrollment instructions at

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