Evidence of Outlaws in Justice As Attempts Are Made to Service Common Law Arrest Warrant in Kona, Hawaii

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

Evidence of Outlaws in Justice As Attempts Are Made to Service Common Law Arrest Warrant in Kona, Hawaii

Negligent training, legal ignorance, and neglect of duty to serve the public faithfully and professionally is no excuse for justice industry agents filmed here by investigative journalists, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane–two among millions of organized crime victims impoverished and made ill from fraud in courts of law. Here, one officer blatantly states he will not honor the laws of the State of Hawaii and U.S. Federal Government when Private Attorney General Williams attempts to serve a Warrant for Arrest and Complaint against Hawaii attorney, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., for a host of crimes.
At issue, in this case, is the “form” of the Warrant, not “recognized” as valid, even though the laws validating it are cited verbatim therein. The blindly biased reaction from law enforcers is shocking, outrageous, and evidence of Outlaws-in-Justice. The harsh reality gives indisputable proof of justice industry workers’ psychological pathology.
Medically, the psychopathology is called a “scatoma.” This is “a blind spot,” an “inability for insight into” this topic—how society’s engineering, the dumbing-down of people every way possible—is mainly administered on behalf of lawyers and judges on behalf of “The Banksters” who sustain profitable population controls most arrogantly.
Nearly everyone knows how corrupt the judicial system in America is. But, this overt, real-life, ongoing investigation into organized crime in Hawaii, shows how the controllers behave legally in ways that no reasonable person would call “civil.”
This is a case study into how We the People, even private attorneys general authorized by Congress to act against the world’s wealthiest racketeers, that is, “against all odds” in the public’s interest, exclusively have the glory of YaHoVaH to thank for sustainance.

Very few people know how to confront this “Judicial Beast” with knowledge, skill, and integrity. Private Attorney General Williams is one such special authority in this field of law, civil rights, and organized crime; and his pair of dedicated reporters provide him, and the “Free World” with the perfect case of judicial mischief. Reading about their case, on PaulSullaCensured.com, including the ultra-outrageous actions of the Courts and lawyers that have damaged them more than $6 million over nine years, makes you ashamed to “live in a land where justice is a game,” and the “GOD We Trust” references “Guns,” “Oil” and “Drugs.”
Watching this video makes you want to scream “outrageous!”
Police officials’ ignorance of their own laws, and corruption rampant throughout the illegal system they serve, is disgusting.
A curse called “The Bar” has undermined fairness and “civility” in our civil and criminal justice systems; and it has burdened everyone with devastating mental illness destroying decency and reasonableness in justice.
Common signs of this plague spreading among justice industry workers include “arrogance,” “nastiness,” and “greed.” It seems a huge percentage of law enforcers, lawyers, court clerks, and justices are “very mean” and arrogant “control freaks,” compensating by nastiness for their low self-esteem and incompetence.
As this film documents, many justice officials would rather claim a law doesn’t exist than to admit their ignorance and doubly-damaging impact of their negligence on victims of crime, reinforced by this organized crime gang.

Thank you in the Spirit of the “528 Revolution.”
Posted by journalists Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane for public viewing and international dissemination.

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