Dr. Horowitz on Killing Vs. Loving Children

Published on July 11, 2019 by Revolution Television

Dr. Leonard Horowitz identifies here with Horton the Elephant from the musical Seussical to urge protection of our “little people”–children–whose voices can not be easily heard.

Children are being targeted for diseases and death by the mainstream media moguls who promote video-gaming for military training, and vaccinations for intoxications and depopulation, Our children’s brains are being destroyed both ways–by aggression in children’s television, and with mind numbing mercury in vaccines.

This segment was cut from Dr. Horowitz’s docu-comedy, PHARMAWHORES, exposing Penn & Teller as “BULLSHIT ARTISTS” working for media moguls who enterprise on war and degenerating our culture through social engineering, especially affecting our children. The doctor felt this message of LOVE is too important to be left on the cutting room floor.



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