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Revolution Television

Dr. Horowitz Denied Meeting with US Attorney Kenji Price by Legal Aide Obstructing Justice and Defying Public Duties

On several occasions prior to Thanksgiving, 2018, Dr. Horowitz had telephoned to set up a meeting with President Trump’s appointee in Honolulu, US Attorney Kenji Price, who purportedly is investigating public corruption and illegal drug trafficking in Hawaii affecting federal interests. Here, in this video, you can witness the evasive treatment the doctor received from Mr. Price’s two secretaries, “Sherri” and “Juliet,” the “legal aide.” She pledged to “pull the file” of the public corruption case filed by FBI special agent Cecelia Kong, whose efforts were likewise stonewalled by the dysfunctional justice department directors. Here, U.S. Attorney Kenji Price’s gatekeepers are evidenced obstructing justice and defying public duties to confirmed victims of organized crimes. The king pin DMT trafficker, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., Dr. Horowitz is reporting on here, was confirmed by County of Hawaii Counsel and Tax Department officials as having forged securities to steal Dr. Horowitz’s properties. “Juliet” never had the courtesy of even following up on her promise to research the file and call the doctor back.

This disgusting record of injustice by obstructing justice will be followed up in subsequent reports.

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