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Coronavirus End Game: Carl Nelson Interviews Dr Leonard Horowitz On Deep State End Game


coronavirus end gameIn ” Coronavirus End Game ” –a most enlightening radio archive from Black America’s most seasoned and scrutinizing talk show host, Carl Nelson, Harvard-trained emerging viruses expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, discusses the “Vaccination Genocide” and disparity in morbidity and mortality among Africans to COVID-19 infections.

Join Nelson, Horowitz and callers as they scrutinize governmental responses to COVID-19 and its impact on We The People. Special attention is given to the ‘disparity’ between people of color and whites in rates of morbidity and mortality.

This segment defends Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, the federal government’s leading vaccinologist, against the Deep State’s smear campaign to her discredit her. The corporate-controlled media berated Corbett for agreeing with critics charging the government and Anglo-American elite with genocide against Blacks in the COVID-19 emergency.

Corbett serves as a Black woman administering the NIH’s interests in vaccines and drug company alliances subordinate to the CIA’s oversight of the Dr. Anthony Fauci-directred NIAID and the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force.

Did Dr. Corbett’s social media posts violate any accepted standard of integrity within the scientific community or U.S. Government? Did Corbett’s messages break administrative policies or gag orders of the NIH, as critics contend?

Or was it Corbett’s ‘public duty’ to exercise free speech, to whistleblow and protest what amounts to the genocide of COVID-19 depopulating disproportionately Blacks?

Deep State officials must now be presumed by the criminal evidence and publicly known facts to be “capable of doing anything.”

This quote came from fellow whistleblower against the HIV/AIDS vaccine-linked genocide, Rev. Jeremiah Wright—Barack Obama’s distanced spiritual counsel.

Wrongful and criminal actions by the Anglo-American establishment includes generating mass scientific and political fraud. This corruption extends to the ‘Judicial Branch’ of government legitimizing the corrupted courts, disproportionately incarcerating Black men.

Nelson, America’s most popular Black talk-radio host, broadcasting weekdays during ‘drive-time’ from DC, questioned the increased susceptibility of Black people to this laboratory engineered coronavirus/SARS/HIV-1/Malaria recombinant.

The COVID-19 disease especially targets or damages ‘Black lives that matter,’ but obviously don’t matter to Deep State interests and Big Biotech stockholders.

Dr. Horowitz, by Nelson’s prodding, investigated the medical-scientific explanation to the ‘mysterious’ racial disparity. Why Blacks are suffering more than whites from coronavirus-related disorders and deaths is best explained by Horowitz’s in depth research and reporting of the “lab engineered bioweapon.”

Mutated and weaponized in American labs prior to being shipped to China’s Institute of Virology in Wuhan, this “novel” virus attaches to the key “receptor” on human cells most deficient in Blacks. Horowitz explains how this virus-host interaction, and “predisposition” in African people, results in the racial disparity compounded by socio-economic, environmental, and lifestyle risks being blamed for the inequality. This ‘general agreement’ is negligent and deadly, Horowitz argues, because it omits and neglects the lab virus origin of the AIDS-linked mutant that is likely to incubate for years before causing most severe immune suppression.

The “End Game” has been repeatedly presented by Horowitz and others on Nelson’s show. Globalization and profitable depopulation is the “End Game.” In this context, enemies of the ‘Deep State’ are targeted for ‘neutralization,’ disease and death. This genocide is administered simply because smaller populations are easier to control.

Total global population control secures the “criminal psychopaths” who released this virus to serve the global elite advancing the politically-contrived testing and vaccines.

Dr. Horowitz explains that the testing enables Deep State population controllers to obtain “your personal address”–your precise DNA (genetic make-up) that resonates in sound and light frequencies–making you susceptible to be personally-targeted for “psychotronic warfare” as well as disease induction. The fast-tracked vaccines, neglecting safety assurances, will deliver the “Final Solution” according to Bill Gates–the world’s leading vaccination propagandist, eugenicist, financier of the World Health Organization, and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ‘virtual partner’ in a private vaccine production company.

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