Controlled Opposition Panel Discussion : Solutions to PSYOPS and Media Censorship with Presenters: Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Jeffrey Smith, Nick Begich and Moderator Sherri Kane – January 30, 2016



  • ShINRI tEE 7 years ago

    my people! there you are!!! 🙂 i used to play in 528hz and now in 432… 6=9 right?! i wish you peace!

  • Sonja Hardy 7 years ago

    Thank you for posting this, and thank you to all the panelists for their selfless efforts to expose the truth.

    What a delightful, humble, enlightened man Dr Wakefield is. To me he IS a hero – as are all these panelists for their courage in speaking out, despite the very real risks, not only to their careers, but to their lives.


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