Child Sex Trafficking COINTELPRO Busted by Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Published on February 16, 2015 by Revolution Television

This is another historic public service announcement provided by investigative journalist Sherri Kane and one of YouTube’s most popular doctors, Leonard Horowitz, blowing the cover off of a gang that has deceived and divided virtually every activist organization in America—The COINTELPRO—while helping to conceal a pedophilia satanic sex trafficking operation kidnapping thousands of American children annually.
The COINTELPRO agents output anti-government, and anti-Illuminati, propaganda. They embrace racism, sexism, and organized crimes, including ethnic hate crimes. They libel targeted whistle-blowers and activists to discredit them.
Led by Michael Aquino, directing the Temple of Set/Church of Satan, and the CIA’s MKULTRA mind-control operation, and FBI/CIA agent (apparently not retired) Ted Gunderson, these officials are exposed here by Horowitz and Kane in child sex trafficking.
This investigation began in 2010, when Sherri Kane discovered that a 2007 COINTELPRO attack against Horowitz linked to Ted Gunderson and the child trafficking network believed to be run the Church of Satan and Michael Aquino.
Now COMPROMISED, the COINTELPRO are running a “Containment Operation” against the “HoroKane.” Their thorough reporting, applauded by most reasonably intelligent people worldwide, agents for Aquino and Gunderson are lambasting Horowitz and Kane for producing these films.
Watch this amazing Part 5 of a 6 part series, this one entitled, “Child Sex Trafficking COINTELPRO Busted.”
Earlier in this series, Kane and Horowitz explained the BP Oil “Crisis Capitalism,” and why the way you think comes largely from COINTELPRO propagandists.
If you do not like governments or governors, this is generally why–The COINTELPRO controls the mainstream and independent media.
This is the team of MKULTRA mind-control manipulators indoctrinating you; and socially-engineering “managed chaos.” Agent provocateurs have been broadcasting their divisive hate and lingering lies to trigger terrorists and psychopaths that believe the COINTELPRO’s distressing messages.
Post this clip elsewhere to support Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane, who have heroically exposed the truth that shall, in this case, help set America free from the organized crime of child trafficking, sex slavery, and satanic ritual abuse.

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