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Best Ebola Treatment Vets Secret Source, Prevention, and Cures The HOROKANE Counter-spins Hollywood Propaganda

Honolulu, HI—The most rational response to cure Ebola disease through strengthening natural immunity requires a nine-step protocol, according to Harvard-trained public health and emerging diseases expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, in an unprecedented public service documentary titled “VIRAL IMMUNITY” now broadcasting on the channel.
Best Ebola Treatment Vets Secret Source.
Dr. Horowitz veered his most recent “Hollywood Spin” television show into a 36-minute indictment of government health officials caught misleading people, downplaying Ebola threats, neglecting lifesaving prevention strategies, secreting available and affordable cures, and abusing the media to conceal facts and conflicting interests, beginning with the “mysterious source” of the “outbreak.”
Horowitz–a world leading CDC and drug industry critic, award-winning author, and U.S. Government certified foreign health ambassador–preempted dialogue from Sony Corp.’s blockbuster film, “The Equalizer,” starring “African-American protagonist” Danzel Washington, to document Hollywood’s metaphorical use of a Black avenger to terminate drug mob killers damaging human slaves, to the case of “Ebola-truth.”
“You’ve never seen anything like this,” said journalist and co-host, Sherri Kane, about VIRAL IMMUNITY. “The film scrutinizes the Ebola situation through the lens of informed citizens, and the public consensus that the “mysterious outbreak” represents an exercise of pan-genocide.
“Officials scrambling internationally to save lives and the world economy are finally listening to Dr. Horowitz,” Kane concluded. “Twenty years ago he predicted this Ebola emergency using U.S. National Institutes of Health records. These documents, dating back to the 1960s, and published in the doctor’s book–Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?–proves Ebola spreads by political imposition for depopulation, not simply as a medical emergency.”
Best Ebola Treatment Vets Secret Source, Prevention, and Cures The HOROKANE Counter-spins Hollywood Propaganda
Kane’s shocking statements are true. On October 9th, the honorable Nigerian health Minister, Chewe Orbrie, solicited Dr. Horowitz to support Prince Philip Njemanze, a medical doctor and Chairman of the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) in Lusaka. He directed the Attorney General to file a complaint in the International Criminal Court (ICC) of War Crimes under BWATA against “all foreign citizens, organizations and governments collaborating [with multi-national corporations] to kill Nigerians.”
“We call on all peace-loving and progressive humankind to stand with the people of Nigeria in defense from this EVIL,” pleaded Chairman Njemanze.
“VIRAL IMMUNITY” is a public service production in response to similar pleas for Horowitz’s help as a world leading CDC and drug industry critic, award-winning author, filmmaker, scholar, and U.S. Government certified foreign health ambassador. He and Kane issue recommendations for viral immunity based on known concealment of cures and international crimes, as global governments scramble to fight against the unprecedented spread of a bio-level 4 weapon threatening civilization with mass depopulation.
“There are three fundamental mistakes nearly everyone is making,” Dr. Horowitz explained. “The first is, we’re not dealing with a ‘normal virus’ here, nor a high cure rate, but a discriminating disease evidencing biological warfare. The mysterious “outbreak” curses poor Africans in favor of wealthier people and nations. We are dealing with a bio-weapons level 4 killing agent’s sudden re-emergence from a laboratory refrigerator after nearly four decades of military industrialists hiding it, studying it, developing vaccines against it, and administering propaganda-cover for it since 1967 that claims ignorance regarding Ebola’s origin, yet restricts pharmaceutical competitors from developing and marketing cures.”
“The second problem is that hospitals and government officials can not effectively stop the spreading outbreak even after new protective measures are taken, requiring massive investments in health products, equipment, and extensive volunteer training, at a time when everyone is afraid of dying. This compels the need for military intervention and quarantining of several African nations at this point; and shutting down air travel to delay the disease spread that will surely occur over lands and seas.”
“The third error concerns poor people everywhere who cannot afford, or have access to, care; even if population controllers chose to find and market a BigPharma cure this year, and an army of humanitarians enlisted to risk their lives providing critical care.”
These facts, and obvious mistakes, create an apocalyptic scenario requiring more than an “emergency response.” Dr. Horowitz recommends “out-of-the-box” thinking about how and why we got here–to this low point in civilization’s sustainability.

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