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528 KEY to LOVE and PEACE Film Presentation and Trailer by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

The 528 KEY Movie Trailer for LOVE and PEACE. A film by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Seven years before Russia invaded the Ukraine, threatening World War III and nuclear annihilation, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz released The “528 KEY” Movie for LOVE & PEACE. This presentation shatters war and disease paradigms with the musical-mathematics of LOVE/528Hz–the greatest natural healing, consciousness-raising, prayer-empowering, vibration in the universe.

Who are the ‘Blue Meanies’ actually attacking the civilized world imposing plagues, wars, fears and deaths?

Diagnosing the Real Villains

Notice following Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine that Western oligarchs imposed ‘sanctions’ restricting Russian banking in “some, not all” banks. In other words, some banks encourage war-making. Those bankers are the ‘Blue Meanies.’

In 1938-39, America’s leading banking family, the Rockefellers allied with German petrochemical/pharmaceutical leaders of the Third Reich, to persuade the British Standards Institute to impose a musical frequency upon the Western World called “Concert Pitch” or “Standard Tuning.” Europe’s finest composers, musicians and orchestra conductors opposed this restriction. The feel and ‘coherence’ of the “A=440Hz standard tuning” was so damaging that the instruments went ‘out of tune’ during the concert.

Alternatively, expert musicians and musicologists argued that if their preferred frequency of A=444Hz was used, all instruments stayed in perfect harmony throughout performances.

The Rockefellers and secret society Blue Meanies had so much trouble convincing officials to change that they hired Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, to do the final convincing. The Anglosphere then, in effect, turned off harmony and condemned civilization to dissonance, physiological distress, and unnatural spiritual suppression.

This is where we stand today. The imposition called “Standard Tuning” is most profitable, immune-suppressive, disease inducing, anxiety provoking, war and crime inciting, and deadly.

Increasingly, since the Blue Meanies silenced the ‘Music of the Light’ and substituted the ‘Music of the Night’, these same satanic evil psychopaths, their agents and agencies, assaulted our environment, compromised public health and safety, loosed man-made plagues such as AIDS, Ebola and COVID-19, and threatened the extinction of humanity, not only petro-chemically, but musically (bioenergetically and spiritually) too.

Seven years ago I wrote, “Most intelligent people realize, at this point in history, the world needs a miracle to get us out of this mess we are in, imposed by global industrialists (largely administering pan-genocide from New York, London and Berlin), affecting everything and everyone on earth.”

The 528 Key Movie Presents This Miracle

Metaphorically, the film Yellow Submarine by the Beatles, heralds the decimation and restoration of civilization. The Blue Meanies silenced the music, life, and creative artistry of humanity. Music restored civility.

My film heralds the “MIracle 6” note of the original musical scale, otherwise called the “Key of the house of David” (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3: 6-8). I also call it “Zion’s 528 Key” for global peace and prosperity.

Bees buzz at 528Hz making honey in their hives. Their voices change dramatically when they feel endangered. This simple observation heralds and celebrates the “LOVE528 frequency” at the heart of rainbows, sunshine, snowflakes, water structuring, oxygen production by the greenish-yellow color of chlorophyll, and anti-oxidant activity for boosting immunity against infectious diseases and cancers.

This extraordinary revelation, and increasing corroboration throughout the arts and sciences, came to me beginning in 1998 when I met Dr. Joseph Puleo. “Joey’s” story is the first six (6) chapters of our book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. My work as an award-winning author, filmmaker, consumer protector, vaccination abolitionist, and natural healing activist, followed Jesus’s revelation of the ancient mystery-school mathematics comprising the original Solfeggio musical scale to Joey. These revelations fulfill Bible prophesy, exalts creativity in the arts, and corrects and refocuses multidisciplinary science into natural healing ways and means.

Jesus advised Joey that 528Hz is the “MIracle note” (i.e., the “MI” tone) in the most spiritually-uplifting hymn known in monotheism–The Hymn to Saint John the Baptist. Baptism, of course, having everything to do with water and bio-energetic spiritual renewal.

Heralding Prayer Power and the Miraculous ‘Tune Up’ of Humanity

It turns out that 528Hz is the “key” vibration of your heart, intertwined with the special values of your heart including FAITH, LOVE, JOY and BRAVERY.

I theorize that when you pray with loving intention a faithful prayer, your heart broadcasts your powerful pleading directly to God and the angels in the ‘528 carrier wave,’ exercising your humility, freedom, and right of ‘Divine Communion.’

My theory, corroborated by hard science and empirical observations, justifies the presumption that The ‘528 LOVE REVOLUTION’ shall commence in the music and natural healing industry, but will eventually impact everything “on earth as it is in heaven.” Slowly but surely, eventually, consciousness will be raised to fulfill Jesus’s prophecy (in John 14:12)–faithful disciples shall do more than what the Prince of Peace contributed. That is truly being “born again.”

In this feature-length streaming video, I prepare leaders to take advantage of this monumental opportunity to be ‘ahead of the curve’ in a world of creatively-frozen followers in dire need of constructive, not destructive, leadership.

Civilization’s greatest dilemmas, ranging from cancer to global warming, destroying life and the biosphere, are imposed by the devil-doers (i.e., the Blue Meanies), are costly and unnecessary, but readily remedied by 528Hz music and understanding how it works. These revelations advance technological applications. This sound and its light, the domain of Lucifer in the classic Phantom of the Opera, is the ‘key’ to optimal healing, rejuvenation, and recovery from what ails you and humanity.

Not About “Religion,” Simply Cosmic Creation and Evolution

This is not a “religious” film or pleading. It is a gift of learning how and why, by simply re-tuning instruments, voices, and music to 528Hz, this “good vibration” and prompt restoration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit, renewing health and energy. Applying this power in people’s lives, hearts, minds, hospitals and medical clinics; amplifying faithful prayer with the ‘music of the light,’ is your calling.

My film presents this promise in a most enjoyable way. I use colorful, musical, and engaging video to ‘resonate viewers in 528’ to expand consciousness, especially applicable to the healing arts and sciences.

LOVE is known as the “Universal Healer.” Music is called the “Universal Language.” And water is celebrated as the “Universal Solvent.” I put these truths together to effectively challenge, and prophetically terminate, the Blue Meanies grip over the international banking community, Big Energy, Big Pharma, Big Military, and poisoned politics. Big Pharma’s chemical cult, and its pseudo-science, will never survive this expansion of healing know-how and rising consciousness. Their condemning and damaging monopoly over our lives is being extinguished.

Revolutionary & Evolutionary Revelations in Science, Energy, & Medicine

Since your body is nearly 80% water, you can imagine filling your body with the sound that makes grass green with ”LOVE/528.” Consider what this might do for you, for your health, healing, and well-being. What might this know-how do for your relationships, family, community, nation and world? What impact could this intelligence, and empowered technologies, have on producing world peace and sustainability?

I affirm these answers using simple examples, and dedicate this film to “John Lennon, Jesus, and world peace activists.”

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  1. It would be good to find a way to filter all the sounds coming from my TV, computer,and radio in my home to broadcast at the528hz frequency.

  2. I agree with Maurice Perron, about having a filter.
    In the meantime, I’m staying aware of my heart, love and joy vibration.
    Good 528 Vibrations and many Blessings!

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