Dentist Palmer’s licensed must be revoked for ethical breaches violating standards of decency and integrity reflecting horribly on the dental profession, professional decency, and the practitioner’s integrity, violating laws protecting endangered and protected wildlife in Zimbabwe, luring a beloved lion out of its sanctuary, shooting it with an arrow, watching mercilessly for forty (40) hours as the creature suffered; finally shooting, skinning, removing its teeth, decapitating the corps to serve as a trophy for Dr. Palmer’s wall, and then purposely concealing evidence of the crime.These outrageous acts violate the ethical standards established by The American College of Dentists and civilized people. Accordingly, the Minnesota Board of Dentistry must act most timely to revoke Dr. Palmer’s license to assure that: a) the integrity of the profession is defended on behalf of the larger community; b) patients will not be harmed by this clinician who obviously lacks decency and discernment, and acts criminally for sport; and c) so that Dr. Palmer may be disciplined for breaking laws and rules of ethics to serve as a model for others who may be so unethically and criminally inclined.

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Minnesota Dental Board Complaint



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