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THE CRIME OF VACCINATION DEPOPULATION: Bill Gates, FOX News & Profitable Manslaughter

If ‘Vaccination Depopulation’ has you questioning reality and your sanity view this FREE ‘docu-commentary’ for clarity.

The Crime of Vaccination Depopulation was produced by the world’s most prolific opponent to Big Pharma corruption and government collusion, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Here the Harvard-trained science scholar refutes the “general acceptance” of vaccine “safety and efficacy” highlighting the media hypocrisy of FOX News and Bill Gates, the latter having persuaded President Donald Trump to drop concerns about vaccination safety.

This compelling ‘docu-commentary’ refutes the “general agreement” or “general acceptance” of vaccinations being beneficial and not damaging to public health and civilization during this age of artificial intelligence (AI), increasing censorship, and ‘Family Planning’ for ‘Population Control’ promoted by Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood, and the global elite.

Gross hypocrisy in news network programming of the “vaccination debate” prompted Dr. Horowitz to contribute this outstanding production that considers Bill Gates and Microsoft[MS]NBC, FOX News (i.e., Rupert Murdoch & family), and other pro-vaccination networks in the context of their hypocrisy, vaccination policies, propaganda, and pseudoscience. Dr. Horowitz reviews facts here that raise a number of red flags concerning “Vaccination Depopulation” as espoused by Gates.

This video should be heralded and circulated for FREE VIEWING by everyone as a ‘Public Duty’ to help society that has been divided to the brink of civil war. The “vaccination controversy” and related ‘Deep State’ political deceptions are so well presented in this 36-minute production that this knowledge can save millions (possibly billions) of lives by having a powerful and lasting impact on the ‘Vaccination-Cult’ and medical mindset.

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