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Sherri Kane Tribute – Special Archive from Late Night in the Midlands Hosted by Michael Vara

This is a special program produced by Late Night in the Midlands host, Michael Vara – The Sherri Kane Tribute – featuring Sherri’s beloved friends, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Barbara Hartwell, Michele Shofner, Christy Fritz Parker, Mitch Fine and others.

This program is dedicated in loving memory and great appreciation for the life, kindness, services rendered, and lessons taught by legendary activist, heroic journalist, avenger of injustice, and amazing psycho-social analyst, Sherri Kane.


You can read about the Hawaii mob that killed Sherri Kane by CLICKING HERE.

sherri kane tribute

You can also read Sherri’s ‘Auto-Obituary’ by CLICKING HERE.

Finally, you can read the dozens of wonderful tributes and condolences Sherri’s partner, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, received by CLICKING HERE.