SHATTERED DREAMS A Kealakele High School Project by Chuck and Jeana Ross

Published on February 17, 2015 by Revolution Television

SHATTERED DREAMS A Kealakele High School Project
Shattered Dreams is an outstanding example of community activism following a horrible accident involving popular high school students in Kona, Hawaii. Several teens were killed for “partying” with drugs and alcohol and driving under the influence.
Filmmaker, Chuck Sexton, did what everyone said was “impossible.” He brought the families of the victims and community together to reenact this story based on some true facts. Sexton’s daughter, Jeana, was a friend to several of the victims. Together, the Sextons captured their family’s and community’s losses on film on behalf of public safety.
“This extraordinarily moving and incredibly realistic drama should be downloaded, distributed to every high school, and viewed by every student in the nation,” recommends Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained public health expert and consumer advocate.
The Sextons obviously felt in their hearts the pain depicted on the screen of this documentary of the calamity.
“Shattered Dreams hits audiences in the heart, where it is needed, to wake people up to the risks of teenage substance abuse,” says Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist who uploaded this film for public viewing. “This film brings you to tears with its realism. I couldn’t believe I was watching reenactments instead of the live events.”
Appealing to audiences internationally, Ms. Kane encourages, “PLEASE FORWARD THIS FILM TO TEENAGERS EVERYWHERE.”