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Robert F Kennedy, Jr. Exposes Vaccines Repeating Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s Twenty-Year-Old Research





Sherri Kane

May 15, 2019

I POSTED THIS VIDEO featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. not only because it outputs EXCELLENT INFORMATION, but because it evidences a great tragedy that remains neglected. This injustice continues to be done to humanity, damaging more than my partner, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. This response to my critics, and Dr. Horowitz’s detractors and ‘blacklisters’ explains why no matter how good the ‘new generation’ of anti-vaxxers are, or appear, they are still ‘controlled opposition’ compared to the ‘super hero’ Horowitz.

Dr. Horowitz has been at the forefront of opposing the genocide that attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is now more forcefully bringing to light.  In this video, filmmaker Del BigTree, stands besides Kennedy who heroically addresses what Horowitz has been outputting for 20-years in scientific publications, audios and videos. Yet, there is nothing in Kennedy’s video that draws attention to Dr. Horowitz’s contributions, nor the ‘VAXXED’ movement’s neglect of the doctors heroic service and forewarning that largely serves as the basis for what is falsely labeled and smeared as ‘vaccine hesitancy.’

You think this message is ‘self-serving,’ or damaging to the movement(s) at large. Think again. . . .

Read Dr. Horowitz’s scientific peer-reviewed case study on ‘Vaccine Hesitancy‘, and then compare the ‘red herring’ explained therein with the movie title of VAXXED. The movie title VAXXED and the movie itself repeats the main message that “vaccines are good, we just need to make them safer.” That alone is a ‘red herring’ deception. Compare that with Dr. Horowitz’s multi-award-winning movie title–UN-VAXXED. The film presents the clear-and-convincing evidence that getting vaccinated as obviously genocidal.

This controversy runs deeper than petty jealousy. The two ‘new heroes’ in the vaccination debate never ever mention or credit Horowitz who for the past 20 years laid the foundation for what Mr. Kennedy bravely raises for the first time in this video–the issue of Big Pharma- administered genocide. None of the ‘new-comers’–the widely-proclaimed ‘heroes’ in the ‘vaccination hesitancy’ movement(s)–ever show any appreciation for Horowitz, or honor him publicly or privately. Dr. Horowitz’s past quarter century of sacrifice having largely pioneered this contemporary movement is all but forgotten and overlooked. Yet today, what was previously called ‘RADICAL’ about Horowitz’s work, is suddenly main-stage courtesy of Kennedy.

This ‘radical’ label was plastered over Horowitz decades ago. Is this the way ‘civilized’ people treat heroes? Marginalize them with condemning labels?

And why the neglect? Why was Dr. Horowitz ‘black-listed’ by Barbara Loe Fisher and the NVIC nearly twenty years ago? Why did Dr. Joseph Mercola similarly excommunicate Horowitz from his ‘friends list?’ Why did Alex Jones join David Icke and Alma C. Ott in defaming Dr. Horowitz online. Why did Mike Adams–the “Health Ranger”–breach his contract to collaborate with Dr. Horowitz, then steal the doctor’s intellectual property, claiming it was Adams’s ‘discovery’? Why did Dr. Sherri Tenpenny repeatedly shun Dr. Horowitz after he set the stage for and promoted her activism in Idaho? Why now, in 2019, do these ‘newcomers,’ Kennedy and Del BigTree, persist in concealing Horowitz’s contributions, neglect to mention his peer-reviewed published science, and fail to mention his numerous public presentations heroically provided beginning in 1996?

Horowitz issued the same intelligence Kennedy highlights here, for the first time so bravely. This is the same information Horowitz published in his books, audios and videos with reliable updates here and there; the SAME HARD-HITTING TRUTHS OPPOSING ‘BIG PHARMA’ that Kennedy exquisitely provides here, Horowitz presented louder, stronger, and more often than anyone on the planet beginning in 1996.

So why not give credit where credit is due? Take a good look at yourself. Think about the way your mind thinks. You might find the shameful answers therein.


Who Were the Real Pioneers in the Contemporary Anti-Vaccination Movement(s)?

For the record, Dr. Horowitz was the second scholarly medical analyst who came to the realization that “VACCINES ARE GENOCIDAL WEAPONS OF MASS DEPOPULATION.” This fact is proven by the honorable dearly-departed third scholarly medical expert, Dr. Meyer Eisenstein, who you can watch publicly honoring and crediting Horowitz for Eisenstein’s awakening to the ‘vaccination genocide’ in Chicago in 1997. Dr. Eisenstein properly credited Dr. Horowitz for Eisenstein’s 30,000 families in his pediatric practice with no cases of autism. Eisenstein, a fellow Jew, also credited his primary mentor in this field, the third Jewish humanitarian hero–Dr. Robert Mendelsohn–the first scholarly medical analyst in America to declare vaccines genocidal. In fact, it was Dr. Mendelsohn who coined the term “iatrogenocide’ as this befits the damage done and money made from vaccinations. These three Jewish doctors all shared in common more than their commitment to the doctrine, “It Shall Never Happen Again.” (Appropriate given Big Pharma’s roots in the Nazi Germany-Rockefeller partnership.) These Jewish doctors shared in being persecuted, neglected, and disparaged by members of their professions. Even so-called ‘enlighted’ and ‘conscious’ ‘vaccine-safety’ activists shunned them.  Why?

Dr. Horowitz never knew of Dr. Mendelsohn’s heroic service to society before meeting Dr. Eisenstein. Dr. Horowitz came to the same realization as Mendelsohn independently by investigating contaminated hepatitis B vaccines and the man-made origin of HIV/AIDS for what became his first national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? Dr. Horowitz’s good friend and colleague, Dr. Alan Cantwell, did similarly independently draw the same conclusion of genocide.

Honorable mention must also be given to Dr. Viera Scheibner and Dr. Gary Goldman. These were the earliest and most influential heroes in the contemporary movement. Each of these heroes were generally disparaged. But uniquely, only Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Cantwell were smeared and neglected for determining the lab virus origin of AIDS transmitted through Merck’s contaminated hepatitis B vaccines as you can view them explaining HERE.

In 1997, Dr. Horowitz published his most popular audio program–Horowitz ‘on Vaccines’. That publication has saved millions of children from suffering the vaccine side-effects that Kennedy now lists in his latest video. Horowitz’s audio and subsequent videos saved millions of families from devastating damage that Kennedy eloquently vets in this video for the first time to boldly.

Nearly every day I receive mail for Dr. Horowitz from supporters at thanking him for saving the lives and health of their children. It’s too bad those who have blacklisted Dr. Horowitz, concealed his contributions, don’t share their thankful sentiments. What does that say about our ‘heroes?’


Why the Blacklisting Began and Why It Continues

20 years ago, Barbara Loe Fisher, and later working with Dr. Joseph Mercola, acted to blacklist, smear, censor, and subvert Dr. Horowitz. I believe their animus is partly due to anti-Semitism, that is widespread across America today and growing worldwide, by Deep State media manipulations. Persecution against Dr. Horowitz began at that time, during the late 1990s, when anti-Semitism was not spoken about like it is today. The last thing Fisher wanted to do was endorse a ‘Jewish Radical’ who claimed vaccines were genocidal. After ‘selling out’ to Big Pharma while stabbing activist Marge Grant in the back to form the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Fisher worked with ‘Pharma lobbyists’ to enact the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, thereby indemnifying vaccine-makers against all liability for vaccine injuries opposed by Robert Kennedy in this video.

What most people do not know is that Dr. Horowitz, his family, businesses, and me too, came under attack by more than Fisher and Mercola. America’s leading White Supremacist ‘cell’ joined them in 2008 at the time Mercola set up an online shop supported by the ‘Chicago mob’ and ‘Deep State’ hackers. This ‘destroy Horowitz clan’ was led by Ted Gunderson and his subordinates, especially the Neo-Nazi ‘holocaust denier’ anti-Semite Alma C. Ott (alias, “Dr. True Ott”) and his ‘minions’ of COINTELPRO agents assigned to ‘take out Horowitz.’ Ott obtained his website,, which was previously an affiliate’s link on Dr. Joel Wallach’s website, “Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie,”  and used that venue to extensively smear me and Dr. Horowitz. Their mission was to discredit ‘Horowitz ‘On Vaccines,’ and they sure took their toll.

Ott & Company were sued by me and Horowitz in federal court for largely convincing the ‘Christian Right’ and American ‘Patriot Movement’ to reject the Jewish doctor and his works exposing vaccines as genocidal. Ott, who ran a pseudo ‘natural health’ store ‘front’ online, never publicly opposed vaccines, and his deceptive trade was designed to divert people away from Horowitz’s science exposing the ‘lab virus’ origins of AIDS and Ebola. That’s why Ott & Company administered the now defunct

Barbara Loe Fisher‘s and Dr. Joseph Mercola‘s actions complemented Ott’s attacks. Their alliance to destroy Horowitz’s reputation and celebrity provided probable cause to consider Fisher and Mercola’s complicity with Ott & Co.’s organized criminal conspiracy. The COINTELPRO operation effectively diverted the public’s attention to the need for ‘safer vaccines.’ But all of Horowitz’s works condemning vaccines for triggering cancers, AIDS, and other plagues suffered censorship.

In other words, counter-intelligence agents were organized and financed by Big Pharma to work together to spread the same two messages: (1) vaccines are good, we just need to make them ‘safer,’ and (2) Horowitz is bad–the Jew should be avoided at all costs.


‘Evil Obedience’ and VAXXED

Now, with this background, study Del BigTree’s VAXXED movie, and compare it with Horowitz’s multi-award-winning film UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert de Niro. You can discern a vast difference between Horowitz’s contributions and Del BigTree’s and Andy Wakefield’s widely publicized position that ‘vaccines are good,’ they just need to be made ‘safer.’

Dr. Horowitz righteously rejected this deception as the more scholarly and honest analyst. His position, that vaccines are “genocidal weapons of mass depopulation” has been more recently supported by: (1) the scientific peer-reviewed case study Dr. Horowitz published HERE; and (2) the recently published works of America’s leading neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Vernon Neppe dealing with “Evil Obedience“.

In my opinion, Neppe’s thesis on ‘Evil Obedience‘ grossly discredits everyone who claims vaccines are ‘good, but just need to be made safer.’ This idea is hypocritical nonsense. You can watch Neppe review this topic on a video featuring professor Neppe, me and Dr. Horowitz, titled: ‘Evil Obedience‘ on

Based on Neppe’s brilliant and heroic science and social analysis, ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE MAIN ‘ANTI-VACCINATION MOVEMENT’ THAT ARGUE ‘VACCINES ARE ‘GOOD,’ THEY SIMPLY NEED TO BE MADE ‘SAFER,’ ARE DELUSIONAL–‘EVIL OBEDIENT’! Why? Because of their FEAR of losing something by telling the ‘truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’ as Horowitz has heroically told all along.

That is, the presumed ‘leaders’ like Fisher, Mercola, Del BigTree, and Andy Wakefield each ‘sold out’ for political expedience, to gain social acceptance. They turned blind eyes to Horowitz’s works. They recklessly neglected the mass of scientific evidence Horowitz published. They suppressed addressing the mass killing and enslaving of people to vaccine injuries. They filtered their comments and tempered their activism to be more ‘politically correct.’ They justified their ‘evil obedience’–a psycho-social illness- falsely claiming their ‘controlled opposition’ messages would reach more people and better stop the horrors of autism, exclusively, unfolding. They were WRONG in their strategy, as apparent in Kennedy’s recent conversion to ‘whole truth telling.’

Only Horowitz solidly stood for the whole truth that opposed the vaccination safety deception and entrenched controlled opposition administration of the movement that VAXXED, Wakefield, and BigTree embodied. This was classic social engineering through creating and controlling opposition autism alone. Only Horowitz pointed this out, and said that alternative therapies and preventative strategies were readily available to stop the vaccination-cancer-production autoimmune-disease-induction holocaust.

So who are the real heroes?


A Historic Change in Kennedy’s Position

It is noteworthy that Robert Kennedy, in this new video, presents for the first time the same, powerful, direct attack against Big Pharma that Horowitz made starting in 1997-98. We are not aware of Kennedy, having watched him regularly as avid supporters, albeit critics of the ‘movement’ for ‘safer vaccines’ as explained above, ever made these kinds of bold statements in the same spirit using the same content Horowitz delivered. All without any claims that ‘vaccines are good, they simply need more safety testing.’

In fact, this is among the very first times Mr. Kennedy has publicly proclaimed (to my knowledge) that NO RISK/BENEFIT STUDIES HAVE EVER BEEN CONDUCTED PROVING THE SAFETY OF ANY VACCINES–precisely what Dr. Horowitz has been pointing-out for the past 20-years as a Harvard-trained expert in public health and vaccine risk assessment.

It was Dr. Horowitz exclusively over the past two decades who expressed the position that, “Due to the absence of definitive risk-benefit analyses, officials do not actually know whether or not they are killing and maiming more people than they are supposedly helping or saving with any of the vaccines.”

So Kennedy’s new video is historic for this fact alone. It is probably the first public presentation Kennedy has given that presents a HUGE shift in his argument, now completely consistent with Dr. Horowitz’s most controversial, brave, previously-considered-‘radical’ holdings.

But we don’t see Mr. Kennedy being labeled ‘RADICAL.’ We see him being smeared, even by members of his own family with conflicting interests in Big Pharma. Why is Kennedy not perceived as ‘radical’ just ‘wrong,’ but Horowitz remains a ‘radical conspiracy theorist.’ Because Horowitz, more brazenly than anyone, carried that ‘radical’ label and burden, enabling all the leaders in the anti-vaccination movement to be considered ‘more acceptable.

Where is the thanks for that?


Kennedy’s ‘COGNITIVE DISSONANCE’ thesis is directly out of Horowitz’s lectures

Moreover, when you watch Kennedy’s brilliant presentation here, this is the first time that he also addresses what Dr. Horowitz has been proclaiming all along–“COGNITIVE DISSONANCE” enslaves society to genocide.

Most people are totally hoodwinked about the benefits versus risks of vaccines. This imposition of ‘cognitive dissonance’ is caused by the media’s propaganda and Big Pharma’s social conditioning.

Mind you, Dr. Horowitz is an expert in behavioral science, social engineering, public health, and media persuasion. That’s what he earned his Harvard post-doctoral degree in.

BUT HERE’S THE RUB: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE also taints Kennedy’s anti-vaccination audience. Why?

Because you don’t see these people staging sit-ins, blockades, boycotts, marches (like was seen in Poland), or other forms of protest in the face of MASSIVE GENOCIDE AND PROFITABLE DEPOPULATION. You don’t see this because of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE includes fear and confusion. And this Evil Obedience is endemic in Kennedy’s audience as Neppe explains by identifying ‘Evil Obedience’ that disables rational thinking and dutiful remedial acting.

How else do you suppose society has permitted the vaccine-triggered cancer pandemics, or the blacklisting of our heroes? Everyone is influenced, persuaded, indoctrinated and ‘neutralized’ by Big Pharma’s media.

Why else would ‘conscientious objectors’ look the other way as loved ones, co-workers, and friends are dying or dead? This is reminiscent of the millions moved by trains to their deaths in ‘showers’ imposed for ‘disinfection,’ for ‘public health,’ for the ‘Final Solution.’

Why, other than Evil Obedience would cognitive dissonant victims accept accept these circumstances, and accept AIDS and its current toll of 40 million dead and another 40 million infected? This outcome is consistent with organized crime committed by criminal psychopaths, like Drs. Stanley Plotkin, Paul Offit, Anthony Fauci, and Robert Gallo,

“Forgive them Creator, they know not what they do,” said Jesus on the cross–another event denied like the ‘disinfecting showers’ in the WWII Holocaust by those suffering from ‘Evil Obedience’ and ‘cognitive dissonance’–mind control, MKULTRA brain-washing.

What makes anti-vaxxers any different in this regard to anti-religious groups, or even anti-government groups? All of this results from divisive MKULTRA social engineering for ‘crisis capitalism’ spurring the weapons industry for ‘crisis capitalism’ and the ‘death economy’. In this context, aren’t every single one of us anti-whatever activists part of ‘CONTROLLED OPPOSITION?”

Shame on this society that calls itself ‘civilized.’

Hypocrites who simply call for “safer vaccines,” you are part of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. If you see and act beyond this programming, reach the truth, express the whole truth, and accept nothing but the truth, as Dr. Horowitz has held all along, you don’t receive the social support and media attention Kennedy and BigTree are gaining. You are judged by a different standard. Your righteousness and freedom from Evil Obedience prejudices and deprives you in this sick society. Behavioral disorders and deadly hypocrisy runs rampant in the ‘safer vaccines’ movement. That is simply part of the genocidal scam and deadly imposition.


The ‘Scum-of-the-Earth’ Are Ignorant and Deadly

Those who have argued online and elsewhere in favor of Dr. Horowitz’s blacklisting, censorship, or disparagement are ignorant and deadly. In my opinion, these people are the ‘scum-of-the-earth’–lower in ‘consciousness’ than every other life form. They certainly deserve the ‘karma’ they generate with their fortune and fame. Loss of health and premature death becomes them.

Such ‘lower species’ exhibiting Evil Obedience are subject to extermination according to the Nazis and eugenics-loving Rockefeller-allied vaccine lovers. The Neo-Nazis are aided-and-abetted by their ignorance and malice. Stupid people, unaware of the real history of vaccinology and WWII, and unaware of their own stupidity (i.e., ‘cognitive dissonance’), are deadly to themselves and society. Their spiritual lessons are unfolding. If justice prevailed “on earth as it is in heaven” they would be tarred-and-feathered–publicly shamed for what they do to kill people.

Instead, the ”sheeple’ make heroes out of  hypocrits. To do this they censor and disparage Dr. Horowitz and other real heroes like Dr. Eisenstein, Dr. Cantwell, and Dr. Andrew Molden, Dr. Viera Schreibner, and many others.

Where would you place Dr. Joseph Mercola, Barbara Loe Fisher, and Del BigTree in this matrix? You think I am ‘RADICAL’ for raising this observation and concern? THE ‘RADICAL’ LABEL that FISHER, MERCOLA, BIGTREE and apparently KENNEDY put on Horowitz to justify in their own ‘cognitive dissonance’ contributes to deadly genocidal hypocrisy. Each of these ‘heroes’ have justified their position that ‘vaccines are good, we just need to make them ‘safer?’ This more politically-correct position is not considered ‘RADICAL’ despite its stupidity. Making mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde ‘safer’ for injection along with human fetal tissues and deadly GMOs is only possible in the minds of delusional people. Don’t you think?

What, therefore, is the ‘risk-benefit analysis’ on Del BigTree’s activities? What has been the risk to society of him and Andy Wakefield making the political decision to commercialize the message that ‘vaccines are good, we just want the CDC to make them safer?’  That is, after all, the main message output by their film VAXXED. Was this decision in society’s best interest, or simply their own? What is the risk vs. benefit of their justification for ostracizing Horowitz?

Del BigTree and Andy Wakefield purposely neglected to respond in good faith to Dr. Horowitz’s repeated good faith requests for collaboration in the production of UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro? Not even a brief note: “Sorry, Len. Just too busy.” And their snub occurred following years in which Dr. Horowitz was among the very few experts in medicine and public health to defend Wakefield against Big Pharma’s attacks (by Brian Deer’s and Rupert Murdoch). What does this say about men who would not return that heroic favor?

Dr. Horowitz dedicated much of his career to exposing and opposing vaccine ‘iatrogenocide’ for what? To be shunned by BigTree, Wakefield, and Kennedy? Is that right?

Where were these men when Horowitz cried like a lone voice in the wilderness? Where were those who now say that I should encourage Dr. Horowitz to let go of the past and work together now in solidarity with Del BigTree and Kennedy? Where are their invitations for fellowship. Nowhere to be found. Nowhere!


The justification used to blacklist Dr. Horowitz has enabled today’s cancer plagues and all the vaccine injuries that Robert Kennedy talks about now, after overlooking 20 years of Horowitz’s publication covering the virtually same revelations and bold objections.

If Dr. Horowitz’s info had not been labeled ‘RADICAL,’ and Dr. Horowitz had not been blacklisted and censored by the ‘leaders’ in today’s anti-vaccination movement, millions of AIDS and cancer victims would still be alive today, many millions more children would be healthy. Similarly, the America’s economy and national security wouldn’t be burdened by the exploding neuro-developmental disorders Kennedy correctly attributes to vaccine-mercury poisoning and environmental toxins.

Although Dr. Horowitz and I thank Mr. Kennedy et. al. for making this new video available, and we honorably re-post it on in ‘solidarity,’ despite the lacking reciprocity in professional ethical service, this video intelligence is not news to us. Kennedy’s statements are Horowitz’s previously censored research. Much, if not most of it, Horowitz published by 1998.

So credit is not going to the right man. Mr Kennedy knows the truth. Del BigTree, a newcomer, knows it too. Let’s see how these ‘men’ respond to this message. Their pattern and practice is to neglect it.

In conclusion, put yourself in Dr. Horowitz’s position. How would you like it if you were the first person to tell the world how to save millions, probably billions, of lives, only to be told, “You’re too RADICAL?

Then, how would you feel after getting blacklisted from radio and lecture circuits by people who stole your intelligence and research findings, without giving proper ethical professional attribution

Then, how would you feel when those who prospered by your loving labors stood by and did nothing as you were censored, attacked, bankrupted, and made homeless?

Then, 20 years later, how would you feel about newcomers taking claim to your research, neglecting and rejecting your good will, never responding to your kind courteous appeals for collaboration, never mentioning or crediting you, while public relations firms convert credit due Horowitz to the newcomers called ‘heroes’?

Shall we simply ‘chalk-this-up’ to ethical and moral decay?  Does this violation of common decency express ‘civility’?

Some have written to me consoling messages stating, “Dr. Horowitz was just 20 years ahead of his time, and you, Sherri, should just submit to this injustice by joining BigTree’s efforts.”

Sorry, that proposal doesn’t work for me. Dr. Horowitz deserves a public apology from Del BigTree especially. Only Horowitz had the guts to correctly and openly oppose the ongoing genocide threatening civilization today. Only Horowitz had the guts to produce a film that backed BigTree’s VAXXED before anyone heard of it. Only Horowitz exposed Robert de Niro’s ‘Deep State’ backers underlying VAXXED’s censorship at the Tribecca Film Festival in NYC in 2016. And only Horowitz had the guts to back Andrew Wakefield when the establishment acted to revoke his license and Lancet publication.

Those who are unable or unwilling to celebrate Dr. Horowitz as the real hero he is, are part of the deadly problem. Until you thankfully honor his teachings with proper professional attributions, you deserve what you get. Karmic shame is inescapable. You carry it in you and will die regretting what you have done, or neglected to do, damaging lives.



Readers’ Replies:

Karen Renee Crutcher wrote: Sherri Kane That does not even make sense! These people do not work with Pharma, That is ridiculous!

Chris Gray wrote: Sherri Kane get over this and join the battle to get it all out there no matter who, how etc I followed the history as Del and Robert Kennedy jnr did, long before they were on the scene. They are the greatest assets we have to bringing Big pharma to account AND they are bringing down Monsanto. Help or put your info out and do your bit. They were preceded by so many who were all attacked, demonised and discredited or paid no heed and they have risked that and their lives to do this. They deserve credit, respect and health. They also put their money where there mouths are as well. Think on this for a minute or so

Christy Fritz-Parker wrote: Karen Renee Crutcher you may want to read the articles and then ask Sherri Kane any questions you have. She was very patient with me and answered my questions. They document every statement they make in their articles.

Christy Fritz-Parker added:  Sherri, know that God has you and Len’s back. I was just thinking that right before I saw this tag. God has a plan. What you just said is what very sadly happens to heroes. However, God has a greater plan. You and Len are walking with a thousand Angels.

Christy Fritz-Parker added:  The issues Del and also Bobby speak about such as no cost benefit analysis, no real placebo, etc. Len has been talking about for about 20 years or more. Jusy listen to his old speeches. It’s all there. There is a problem in which the company which produced Vaxxed….Cinema Libra was advertising that they won the awards which Sherri and Len won for UN-VAXXED. Sherri and Len contacted Del etc. And Cinema Libre and no one ever contacted them or apologized. This is a problem. Did someone at Cinema Libre do this to keep Len away from Del? Was Del told not to contact Len or Cinema Libre would not financially support Vaxxed or future productions such as Vaxxed 2? I don’t know. But, there is a problem and Len and Sherri deserve utmost respect and appreciation and LOVE. I love and appreciate them very much. They have lost everything and had their home stolen for everything they have done. They have risked their lives and Len has had attempts on his life. But, he walks with Angels and fulfilling his purpose here on the planet as is Sherri Kane. ♥♥♥ LOVE you Sherri and Len.

Millie Davis wrote: Christy Fritz-Parker I was thinking the same thing/the evil doers will get their glory on earth. But Dr. Horowitz will get his glory in Heaven.

Christy Fritz-Parker replied: And not just in heaven Millie Davis. It is coming. I can feel it. It is already in motion. God is protecting them and getting them ready for their next missions on earth. He will provide for them.

Christy Fritz-Parker Love you Sherri Kane ♥

Christy Fritz-Parker Millie Davis I am praying for them and did today.

Millie Davis Christy Fritz-Parker I also pray for them and their safety. I love them both/ good righteous people.


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