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Never Get Sick Again or Your Money Back! An ‘OxySilver’ Infomercial with Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

“Never Get Sick Again, Or Your Money Back!”*


Epic Revolution Television Network ‘Infomercial’ Whacks Vaccine and Antibiotic Poisoning Favoring ‘OxySilver’—a Natural Cure for ‘Greening Medicine’

Las Vegas, NV— While governments and news conglomerates censor vaccination risks and antibiotic poisoning of people and the environment, and deadly drugs, related crimes and suicides are exploding to destroy families and communities while burdening the economy, the simplest solution is suggested in a new video produce by Harvard-trained science scholar, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Viewers get a ‘heads-up’ for ‘greening medicine’ modeled by a successful, time-tested, safe and effective natural cure initially developed by NASA Science called OxySilver that Dr. Horowitz reformulated for over-the-counter access and consumer advocacy.

This unprecedented vaccination and antibiotic opposition, touting ‘just say no to the drugs,’ advances knowhow evolving healthcare beyond 18th century chemistry and vaccinology to celebrate 21st century biophysics, ‘electro-genetics,’ ‘frequency resonance,’ ‘photo-dynamics,’ and ‘structured-water’ science to cure humanity’s deadliest diseases.

OxySilver, according to Dr. Horowitz, is, “the world’s most advanced ‘silver hydrosol’ that uses 528Hz/nm frequency of sound and light to make all vaccinations and antibiotics ‘obsolete.’”

The 15-minute multimedia production features FOX News defector, investigative journalist, and V.P. of Medical Veritas International, Inc., Sherri Kane.

Horowitz is a world leading public health advocate and consumer protector. He explains why everyone should have a bottle of OxySilver available to combat a host of ailments, not simply common colds and flus.

View and learn the suppressed truth about Dr. Horowitz’s extraordinary advancement that dramatically reduces human suffering.




 * “Never Get Sick Again or Your Money Back!

The word “sick[ness]” here means a ‘cold’ or a ‘flu.’ This Guarantee is provided in good faith, and to get you to follow the directions provided by Dr. Horowitz in this video. You are eligible to receive a full money-back refund for what you spent on your last purchase of OxySilver (minus your postage and small handling fee) only when:

(1) At the first sign of a sickness coming on, such as the first ‘inkling’ you get when you feel when you first begin to think, “I might be coming down with a cold or flu” (i.e., beginning ‘malaise’); you then

(2) Take 3 plastic cap-fulls of OxySilver with your eyes closed, and with faithful prayer. Such as: “Please ‘Heavenly Creator’ keep me healthy by this ‘LOVE 528′ OxySilver blessing to restore and protect my health;” and

(3) You simply focus ‘inward.’ See if you can imagine in your ‘mind’s eye’ some flowing or spiraling light flowing down through your head, ‘blowing out’ the ‘dissonant vibration’ of the pathogen (i.e., disease former), refreshing your entire body.

Within one minute to 24 hours you will likely: (a) be amazed at how fast and powerfully OxySilver worked to restore or secure your health; and (b) be extremely thankful for the seemingly ‘miraculous’ restoration of your health.

Otherwise, if you do not experience these benefits, and you want your money back, simply contact us for a full refund of your total last purchase payment.

To learn more about the science of OxySilver’s miraculous action(s), CLICK HERE and HERE.

Finally, please understand that we know a lot, but we don’t know everything. The testimonials we have received about people’s miraculous healings are real. As explained in this video, we attribute these blessings to the ‘power of LOVE 528’ facilitated by the unprecedented OxySilver technology.

In other words, don’t limit the miraculous healing power of ‘LOVE 528,’ in OxySilver and elsewhere, to cure more than colds and flus.


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