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CoronaVirus Predictive Programming by Dr Leonard Horowitz

CoronaVirus Predictive Programming by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Coronavirus Predictive Programming is a 52-minute docu-commentary freely and exclusively viewable online at This public education production is presented courtesy of award-winning filmmaker Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz in association with Medical Veritas International Inc.

Leading lab virus expert Horowitz slams international “crisis capitalists” in this video production, claiming coronavirus “predictive programmers” are accountable for neglecting, downplaying, and misdirecting the media and governments’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic expanding and risking millions of lives.

Shocking revelations in this video includes the solid science proving the 2019 coronavirus outbreaking in China includes the AIDS-virus envelop gene weaponizing the mutant bioweapon against the human immune system.

In addition, detailed analysis of the “Event 201” coronavirus preparedness conference sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum, provides ‘probable cause’ for officials to investigate ‘industrial espionage’ and ‘commercial bioterrorism’ as motive for the intentional release of the mutant virus. Dr. Horowitz evidences here, better than anyone, the purposeful release of the ‘corona/SARS/HIV lab virus’ by ‘Deep State‘ special interests leveraging both governments–U.S. and China.

Is this the long anticipated “Big One” Bill Gates has promoted in the media? Otherwise, why are corporate-controlled news services and the networks censoring all of these most important details?

The unprecedented media censorship, omissions, and misrepresentations accompanying this pandemic fraud and coronavirus imposition evidences global depopulation foul play.


Coronavirus Predictive Programming and Media Censorship

Facebook and Google/YouTube is censoring this intelligence.  Trying to link and discuss this film in the social media yields the censorship shown in the adjacent screenshot. (That is why we ask you to help spread this video.)

Coronavirus Negligence The facts presented in Coronavirus Predictive Programming condemn officials’ “reckless negligence.”

Several previous lab virus outbreaks, and the expanding risk of “mutigenic” germs recombining and intertwining their DNA, enabling cross-species jumping, is now proven to have happened to generate the coronavirus pandemic, as Horowitz and few others forewarned.

Independent media requests prompted the doctor to conduct a detailed analysis of the coronavirus planning conference held in New York in October, 2019, called Event 201. That “exercise” was sponsored by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University. coronavirus negligence

Each sponsor was financed by corporations profiting from genetically-engineered vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

In this film, the doctor condemns those who profit from misinforming citizens as well as “brain-washed” health officials complicit with disease planners and profiteers. Combined, they commit ‘pangenocide.’

“The establishment, or ‘ruling elite,’ properly called the ‘Deep State,’ has placed civilization at risk of extinction,” Dr. Horowitz says.

“The censorship surrounding this subject is unconscionable and criminal,” he adds.

“People are dying as a result of officials who recklessly neglect common sense and scientific evidence, undermining humanity’s health and safety.

“The message in this film is you’d have to be an idiot or imbecile to trust leading health officials who jeopardize humanity for multinational corporate payoffs.”

Besides this, Dr. Horowitz says, “Simple self-care instructions and low cost solutions that could save millions of lives are recklessly neglected.”


Neglecting these warnings

This video features a group of preparedness experts who met in October, 2019, to predict what would happen following a coronavirus outbreak that suspiciously occurred two months later.

In addition, FOX News anchors are shown circumventing and diverting from these details.

All corporate-controlled media are guilty of reckless negligence and complicity in genocide for neglecting the doctor’s accurate and relentless warnings. The risk to public health and safety of this kind of a mutant lab virus out-breaking into a deadly pandemic was immanent, according to Dr. Horowitz who has been shunned by all major news outlets despite his relentless notices.

Horowitz has been the world’s most prolific, vocal, and generally-censored critic of biotechnology, genetic engineering, and bio-weapons research and development. He has argued in numerous books, films, science papers, and legislative hearings since 1996 that HIV/AIDS, for instance, broke out from science labs administered by a group of cancer and vaccine industrialists.

Now, the “reckless negligence” has resulted in a massive number of deaths, just as Horowitz forewarned. His science is corroborated by new genetic analyses published by a team of gene-sequencing experts affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the University of New Delhi, IBM, and New York University at Stonybrook. The team’s nine experts, led by Prashant Pradhan, the Chief Technical Officer for IBM in Asia, used the WATSON computer to identify a ‘smoking-gun’ in the new most deadly coronavirus.

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  1. You are heroes. Thank you for all you have risked in bringing the truth to ‘we the people’, for exposing the real criminals, the real ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. This is the tip of the iceberg…worldwide.

  2. they had a vaccine meeting in america dec 19 2019 about all the vaccine product they had stockpiled and china was present too they complained they need a pandemic and bank financing for forced vaccinations , all this just before the impeachment trial this sounds very suspicious considering the outbreak, now they are rescuing 1000s of americans from china supposedly under quarantine but yet the virus is mysteryesly spreading through out america. why is that .?

  3. I tried to post this on FB and received the goes against community standards. It should be called goes against free speech that tries to educate people about Truth.

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