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Top Ten Lab Leak Lies & Liars by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz, as the leading expert, best-selling author, and award-winning filmmaker, in this shocking field of genetically-engineered viruses ’emerging’ from labs, has been heavily censored and smeared by Deep State agents and agencies for the reasons exposed in this 23-minute professionally-prepared summary of the “Top Ten ‘Lab Leak’ Lies and Liars.” MUST VIEWING AND SHARING!

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Explosive Intercept Evidence on COVID-19 Lab Virus Origin: Fauci Funded the Bioweapon

  David Asher is interviewed here and provides important analysis of the emerging criminal evidence indicting Dr. Anthony Fauci and the “inner circle” exposed best by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz on MedicalVeritas.org. See: https://medicalveritas.org/national-security-covid-crime-syndicate/

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Dr. Michael McDowell’s Outstanding COVID Bioweapon Vaccination Presentation

https://revolutiontelevision.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/McDowell-Presentation.mp4 McDowell Presentation Read More


  (MedicalVeritas.org; August 18, 2021)–World-leading vaccine critic and whistleblower, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, was hospitalized on August 6, 2021 for pneumonia and multiple microbial mutations prompted by the “shedding” of the Pfizer/Moderna/DARPA ‘synthetic’ antigen, according to government records filed by the doctor in the U.S. Federal Court of Middle District, Florida on August 18, 2021. […]

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fauci criminal investigation

Why Fauci Criminal Investigation Hasn’t Happened (Yet)!

FAUCI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: Exposing the Deadly Vaccine Syndicate Compilation and Analysis by DR. LEONARD G. HOROWITZ   Evidencing Fauci’s Role in the ‘COVID Pandemic.’ Here’s the Hidden Answers.   Watch Hannity too Slam Fauci and Interview Devin Nunes on the Lab Origin Consensus of COVID (RevolutionTelevision.net; May 30, 2021) With tolerance of the ‘Plandemic’ bullshit […]

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“The Frankenstein Plot” 2021


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COVID Origin

Tucker Carlson Covers COVID Origin

  Tucker Carlson does a “good” job covering the lab virus origin of COVID in this segment, unless you consider this FOX News feature simply “social conditioning” desensitizing viewers to official malfeasance and at the same time generating anger and distrust of our government. Read the following article re-published from MedicalVeritas.org to learn why this […]

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GLOBALIZATION VACCINATIONS by Dr. Leonard Horowitz hosted by John Moore on RBN

In “Globalization Vaccinations,” Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz details the “Big Picture” of what is really happening geopolitically, economically, and militarily in the COVID pandemic for audiences, hosted by “The Liberty Man”–John Moore–on Republic Broadcasting Network (“RBN”) RBN is the oldest and most trusted source of intelligence cherished by the “right wing” conservative Americans. Here, however, […]

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Demonic Vaccinology vs. Divine Immunity

  In this segment of the John Moore Show from Republic Broadcasting Network, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and callers advance a most controversial thesis: That “Divine Immunity” is endangered, along with civilization’s survival, by “Demonic Vaccinology.” Discussion topics include: the wreckage being caused by “opening Pandora’s box” spreading deadly lab viruses that, like the Pfizer and […]

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The Musical Mathematics of Divine Sustenance

The Liberty Man, John Moore, interviews Dr. Leonard Horowitz on the fascinating subject of “Musical Mathematics for Divine Sustenance.” The doctor explains the importance of LOVE and it’s intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Here is the “Great News”–totally edifying, intellectually challenging, and spiritually uplifting. Blessed listening!

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