World Beyond War – Part 1

Published on February 10, 2017 by Revolution Television

“War is a symptom of the criminal psychopathology of war makers.”

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Pioneer of the “528LOVERevolution“, joins Sherri Kane–an investigative journalist and psycho-social analyst, along with Dr. Melissa Yee, the Director of Seeds of Truth in Hawaii, to bring you this timely discussion (in 3 half-hour segments) on a “World Beyond War: Spirituality, Science and Progress.”

According to Dr. Horowitz, war-makers are “criminal psychopaths.” Their transparent mental illness is also sickening.

The damage their transmissible derangement causes society, the economy, the environment, and all biology, cuts against civility.

Peace and harmony sustains nature, not war-makers.

NEWSFLASH: Animals don’t kill for sport or profit.

Nature is perma-culturally sustained and doesn’t require drug wars or nuclear bombs, according to these analysts.

War-makers tend to be arrogant, ignorant, greedy, soulless, racketeers requiring psychiatric care, not more support from presidents, political puppets, and media-entranced “sheeple.”

Social and commercial freedoms oppose political impositions by multinational corporations. Transparently engineered divisions between the religions, races, ethnicities, nations, and “trading blocks” are acts of War on “We the People.” Politicians propose blocking websites claimed to spin lies for one side or another.

They should instead block the propaganda powers abused by the east and west, north and south.

Isn’t it time to unveil the Wizards of War behind the hypnotronic technology we call “TV?”

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