Vernon Neppe Interview by Sherri Kane on “Gimmel” and “God Consciousness” Proven by Math

Published on January 9, 2018 by Revolution Television

The remarkable voyage of discovery below took place in the main foyer of the Grand Waikikian Hotel of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu in of December 2017. The many background perturbations from active vacationers performing their day-to-day hotel business, give a certain humanity to this hard-line scientific discussion for laypersons. This interview is simply destined to become a classic because it describes phenomena that literally change our awareness of what reality is all about.

For perspective, in 2011, Dr Edward Close and Dr Vernon Neppe developed “Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm”. (TDVP also called TDdVP). Since then their joint model has progressed enormously, and with each discovery, this ‘Theory of Everything’ (what they call ‘metaparadigm’ to reflect its broad scope) has developed more and more. They’ve tested numerous hypotheses and they have all turned out to be correct mathematically and none have been refuted. This has been expected for a TOE in which the fundamental model has been sound. But they also have differentiated aspects they cannot completely prove such as there are three dimensions each of Space, Time and Consciousness.

“This is an hour-long impromptu interview of the genius author of more than 700 scientific articles and numerous books, Dr Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAf), and Distinguished Professor of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization. Sherri Kane, Vice President of Medical Veritas International, Inc., invites this pioneering and creative Consciousness Researcher and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist (including prodigy mathematician and remarkable physics scholar) to share what he and his colleague, another mathematical physics genius, Edward Close, believe is better than the so-called “God Particle.” This is a hotly-debated topic in Atomic Physics at present.  Dr. Neppe describes a third property, ‘Gimmel’ and gimmel is potentially intertwined with the ‘God Matrix.’ Close and Neppe’s mathematical proofs have given humanity renewed hope for civilization’s emergence from darkness into ‘consciousness’ for a healthier, happier, and more enlightened living.

This might have everything to do with key vibrational frequencies even including ‘consciousness’ and Dr. Horowitz’s “LOVE 528Hz” frequency for medicinal music-making. Dr Neppe has used the term “Vibrational Equivalence Frequency” (VEF) to emphasize the link of these vibrations not only in Space and Time but in Consciousness. Some of Dr Neppe’s YouTubes and videos on these topics appear at

In late 2016, Dr Close and Dr Neppe were jointly unanimously recognized  with the, worldwide, multidisciplinary Whiting Memorial Award ( Dr Neppe’s gateway website is  and Dr Close’s includes many blogs at

Professor Neppe’s achievements in Medicine are also exceptional: He has been recognized in every edition of Castle Connolly’s peer-selected “America’s Top Doctors”. Moreover, he appears to be the only physician ever listed by them in 5 specialties and subspecialties: In psychiatry (in which he is a ‘Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association’); in psychopharmacology (as one of the “Leading Psychopharmacologists of the 20th Century”); in behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry (in which disciplines, Dr Neppe was a world-wide pioneer having established the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in the United States); and in forensic psychiatry/ neuropsychiatry (in which he is retained as one of the leading civil experts in the USA and beyond). His medical website includes”

Professor Neppe discusses the model that he and Dr Edward Close developed “Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm”. (TDVP also called TDdVP). This was in part reflected in their classic book “Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works” (Editions 1 to 5) ( and in their further discoveries including l refutations of Atomic Materialism and the mathematical demonstration of ‘Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence’ (TRUE units). A major core discovery was the mathematical and practical necessity of the fact that mass and energy alone was not enough. There is always a need for a ‘third substance or process’ called ’gimmel’ even at the atomic level. Doctors Close and Neppe regard gimmel as likely to reflect (in part or whole) ‘consciousness’ depending on the dimensional level. But even more so cosmologically, gimmel correlates very strongly with Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and remarkably the gimmel correlates with these dark substances in the atom itself—with electrons (dark energy) and with the protons/ neutrons (dark matter), requiring a 9-D explanation to understand how it fits. Dr Neppe distinguishes the 9-dimensional quantized finite reality (‘9-D’) that we exist in from the ‘3S-1t’—the physical reality of 3 spatial dimensions in a moment in time (the present) that we experience. (3S-1t). 9-D turns the whole of reality around: It even has implications for psi phenomena and possibly life after death. This 9D quantized volumetric finite reality likely consists of 3 dimensions each of Space, Time and Consciousness. However, 9-D itself is incomplete: This ‘9-D finite quantized existence’ is necessarily and always embedded in a continuous infinite. We cannot have a finite without the infinite. This makes everything into a profound single reality. Gimmel might play a role in both: It might derive from the infinite and impacts every particle in the finite. Also, Neppe and Close describe ‘ordropy’— the concept of the ‘tendency to order in the infinite reality’. This is in contrast with the known finite physical reality ‘tendency to disorder’ called ‘entropy’ in the finite). Ordropy implies that ‘life’ always exists. There is no physical death. Importantly, too, Dr Neppe alludes to a most remarkable finding: That the mass-energy equivalences are exactly equal to the ‘normalized’ results in the Large Hadron Collider. This means their results are not just mathematical operations but real empirical data relevant to the world! 

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