Del BigTree Interviewed by Pedo Protector Alex McGowin Studer on True Ott’s show- America’s Leading White Supremacist.

Published on October 29, 2018 by Revolution Television

Read this. These characters all appear to be in the same cell? Is this all MKULTRA engineered?

VAXXED Producer, Del BigTree rejected collaborating with Dr. Leonard Horowitz or even responding to his emails and phone calls, after Del used Dr. Horowitz’s name to promote Vaxxed and used Dr. Horowitz’s research but refused to credit him,​ but Del had no problem going on America’s Leading White Supremacist, True Ott’s radio show and be interviewed by criminal Alex McGowin Studer.
It is important to note that True Ott and Alex Studer created a website called to disparage Dr. Horowitz’s book: Emerging Viruses, and Paul J. Sulla Jr. that stole our home by forgeries is connected to True Ott.  Sulla even named Ott as a witness on one his legal documents, in a case he lost against us.
Alex McGowin Studer’s arrest:
Studer protecting a pedophile who stalked children in schoolyards:
Songs by Studer:
Info on True Ott:
Read True Ott’ hate filled Manifesto here:
Then hear True Ott spew more hatred:
Now listen to Del Big Tree on his show!!!!
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