Belgium Intelligence Agent and Whistleblower Marc Delantre Interviewed about Operation Gladio and False Flags

Published on October 10, 2018 by Revolution Television

According to Marc Delantre, The Limo’s accident in New York (20 dead) on Saturday, October 6, WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT, but a Gladio operation (CIA), at the very minute when this interview he had with the journalist Ramola D began recording.

What is even stranger is that the owner of the Limo company was an FBI informant:

The connections between Gladio, the program and the “Hidden Hand” organization which Marc Dalantre says is behind the numerous false flag terror events and attacks in Europe, America, UK and around the world, and spiked activity marking Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks by the Mirai Botnet malware connecting a million webcam/modem/other device objects on the Internet of Things and showing up on Marc’s server first in advance of then in tandem with hundreds of terror events.

Tracing his journey back to his birth, Marc Delantre, who relays at the end of this gripping conversation that he has recently discovered that he is implanted, says that he has come to understand that he has been long targeted, possibly since birth, but that since his early work life when he found himself working without realizing in Thailand for an organized crime syndicate, he feels he has been drawn into the center of all kinds of dark terror events through strange connections. Turning to French and Belgian Intelligence early, he worked as an undercover Counterterrorism agent within this suspect terrorist (and notably non-Islamist) organization, and was “exfiltrated” by a Mossad agent who informed him of the nature of the organization he was working for, including informing him that members of Belgian Law Enforcement were a part of it and helped him return to Belgium under protection.

However, back in Belgium he found himself and his family terrorized; his Mossad agent friend was apparently killed, or so he was told, his wife disappeared, his home was broken into, with clues such as police radio interference on Internet access disruptions pointing to police complicity. Complaints to Law Enforcement and Intelligence produced no response. Later work experiences and travels led Marc to analyzing Mirai Botnet activities recorded on his server, and noticing amazing correlations showing up in the spiking of such activity (essentially DDOS attacks involving CCTVs and webcams) right before terror attacks occuring somewhere. This began to encompass 100s of terror events.

Further, from the time of the Manchester attacks, Marc began to notice odd correlations as well between details and names surrounding these terror attacks and information relating to his own life, interactions, emails, actions. Because he started to report all correlations he was finding to Intelligence and Law Enforcement personnel including the FBI—who mostly did nothing, dropping the phone when the word “Gladio” was mentioned, although some were very interested in his information—he also began to notice events seemingly being triggered by the act of his reporting, or shortly after. Over the past year, he has learned the organization responsible for all terror attacks is Gladio, connected to NATO, that there are media and Intelligence connections, and that psychotronic weapons capable of effecting destructive and hypnotic mind control are being used to create mass shooters and Manchurians used in terror attacks.

The very revealing and explanatory letter Marc recently wrote to Kristin Nielsen, the new Director of Homeland Security, discussing the Massachusetts gas incidents and warning of further terror attacks, based on patterns he is analyzing, further enumerates on the details he discusses, and can be found here: Armageddon in Massachusetts, the culprits. Intelligence report.

Evidence and global warning for DHS, USA, and United Nations.…

Marc has also published a few videos with more on the subjects he discusses here:

Melanie Vritschan heads the International Coalition against Electronic Torture and the Robotization of Living Beings, a unique human rights organization which assists all reporting covert neurotechnology abuse and covert implants: www., and which can be supported here:

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