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Published on December 15, 2015 by Revolution Television

Monumentally revealing, and extraordinarily shocking, a new video production by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, The Paris Attacks Video documentary, enlightens audiences about what the “terrorist” attacks of Friday-the-13th, 2015, were really about. This hour of exposé features “The HOROKANE”–Dr. Horowitz and investigative journalist Sherri Kane–extending their insightful “Hollywood Spin” Series” of productions, here blowing the “media cover” off of global terror by identifying the primary agents and agencies in the U.S., Qatar, France, and elsewhere commercializing in pain, fear, loss, and threats to survival.

About the Documentary

The enterprise racketeering in mass murder is called “The Octopus.” It wields the world’s “Militant Media”–pro Zionist and anti-Zionist, pro Islam and anti-Muslim. It is one mob controlling two fronts that don’t want you to discover its head.

The mob’s reach extends beyond Hollywood and network TV to the so-called “independent” and “social media,” and the villains here, and events too, play out like a script. William Morris Endeavor agency owner Ari Emanuel is connected to the White House, concealing the CIA’s financing and arming of ISIS. The Emanuel brothers are radical Revisionist Zionists. Ari and the CIA largely directs the “Militant Media” on every side of the Judeo-Christian / Muslim divide. They are complicit with Sheikh Al Thani of Qatar in devil-doing. Al Thani is among the world’s wealthiest anti-Semites. Devil-worshiping and “death metal” entertaining is staged to disparage the U.S. by abusing America’s iconic rock-band “The Eagles.” The Bataclan management operates under Al Thani’s control since 9/11/15. The massacre occurred the day that Paris Security conducted “mock terrorist attacks,” conveniently explaining why the Paris Police never showed up during the actual massacre, and why Bataclan security curiously escaped unharmed.

The Paris Attacks Video evidences the central operatives and operations advancing the New World Order. Now the whole world is threatened by terrorism, requiring governments East and West to defend against a common foe whose name and whereabouts keeps changing. Is it ISIS, ISIL, or simply IS; or is it the CIA, MI6, and Mossad? The obvious answer is curiously neglected by Russian and Chinese officials that know, but don’t tell, about this perfectly scripted and profitable “Holy War.”

Why You Must View This Video

It is only the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, that shall set civilization free from this scourge. News diversions and media censorship serves The Octopus’s “protection racket.” This video is a classic example. Like Dr. Horowitz’s 150 videos, it has been censored by Google/YouTube, Wikipedia, and the “mainstream media,” evidencing the reach of The Octopus’s tentacles. This production is even “black-listed” by so-called “truth-tellers.” HOROKANE productions are shunned by agents of Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Military, and their “controlled opposition” entities including Breitbart News Network Huffington Post, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, George Noory, Art Bell and others.

The world’s most controversial couple battles back here, setting a new precedent in independent journalism, broadcasting the identities of the agents and agencies that “staged” and carried out the murder of 130 people at the Bataclan Theater. The fact that no other journalists have reported this intelligence, or can disprove it, speaks to the censorship and “protection racketeers” that have influenced your thinking, and have deceived and directed civilization psychopathically.

Synchronicity Directed this Production

Being in the music business, having established and the global peace movement called the “528LOVERevolution,” veteran author, intelligence industry analyst, and media scientist, Dr. Horowitz, was solicited by colleagues to scrutinize the music underworld connections concealed by the media before, during, and after the Bataclan massacre. The evidence he and Sherri Kane discovered vetted those responsible.

The HOROKANE’s disclosures, analysis, and commentaries in this riveting whistleblowing challenges everything you know, or think you know, about Zionism, anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, radical Islam, Muslims, President Obama, Donald Trump, and the geopolitics and economics underlying terrorism and Hollywood’s projection of it. Add this intelligence about the music industry’s corruption, the corporate-controlled media, and the New World Order, and you can see what compelled The HOROKANE to produce this video.

Duty to View, Learn, Share and Boycott

“The only way out of this ‘managed chaos’ damaging civilization is to expose the villains using hard cold facts, prosecute them using international laws, and discipline them by boycotts and jail sentences,” Dr. Horowitz says. “The financial and political ties between the leading sources of terrorism must be broken by public awareness, boycotting complicit companies, including those owned by Al Thani of Qatar, Obama administration officials (past and present), the CIA, and some of the world’s most influential media moguls profiting from terror and murder.”
The heroism in this latest Horowitz production, and outstanding delivery of details by The HOROKANE in this “peace offering,” is “iconic.”

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  • Laney 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes info on this false flag event. You were very thorough. Unfortunately, I had to fast forward a lot of the “main stream” replay coverage as I have ZERO tolerance for ANY of it. I will not watch TV.
    I also had trouble getting your video to load on my laptop, but seemed to work ok on my iPad. I support you both, and thank you for all you do.
    You might find some of the videos on YouTube very interesting on all the “false flag” events and crisis actors. Just type in those key words and see what so many have been posting, esp since the Boston so called bombing. So much of this is literally staged! They have “drills” while these things are supposedly going on, and then the news plays the coverage of the drills as though it was actual events. See It’s enough to make people sick! Anyway, thank you again and I am glad to get your newsletters.

    • Revolution Television 8 years ago

      Thanks for your support. We have been banned from posting anything on GOOGLE YouTube and have issues accessing it. It happened right before the last Ebola fright promoted by the mainsteam media.

    • Laney 7 years ago

      You know, I’m not surprised. And you are SO WELCOME! Thank you for all you do! I hate “google” and won’t use it. You know when you are good when they keep you away, eh, Len?? Also, there is an update to the link I mentioned above. It’s now
      It is a website created by Wolfgang Halbig who is a former school principle and school safety expert as well as a former Florida Highway Patrol officer. His website keeps getting attacked, so now it has a new name. He fell for the Sandy Hook “incident” as reported on tv. Once he saw Sonia Smallstorm’s special on Sandy Hook, he contacted the “officials” and went to Conneticut and started filing for FOIA papers. Since then, he has been trashed and his life threatened, and his wife is being harassed as well. Sounds like what YOU go through! But again, I do thank you for all you do!! At least there is Vimeo.

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